‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Nick Viall Dumps Corinne Olympios, Picks Andi Dorfman?

But, Andi was in a different mood. She was apparently in a mood to settle scores from good old times. She referred to the most controversial moment between the two in The Bachelorette. In the “After the Final Rose” episode, Nick asked her something that apparently revealed a deep secret. “If you weren’t in love with me, I’m just not sure why you made love with me,” Nick asked as he disclosed that the two had sex together. Andi Dorfman was embarrassed, to say the least. Now, she asked Nick if he ever regretted asking her that question. Nick does not seem to know how to answer the question, according to Us Weekly. Apparently, he did not want to answer that question. “Super weird, right? Last time you knocked on my door, surprisingly, you broke up with me,” he hit back.

“You dumped me on national television.”

Dorfman revealed the reason behind her appearance on the show. “I really just want to see where you’re at — what you’re thinking, how’s it going,” she asked. Nick says it’s great. At the same time, he admits it’s tough. What he reveals next actually leaves viewers wondering what is going on in his mind. When Andi tells him he is going to dump 29 girls, Nick Viall is quick to respond that he might not dump 29 girls and choose one. He says that he might just end up dumping all 30 ladies in the show. All of a sudden, he reveals that he may not be in love with any of the remaining ladies. His last statement in the sneak peek reveals that he might dump Corinne Olympios, Rachel Lindsay, Raven Gates and Vanessa Grimaldi.

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Josh Murray believes Nick Viall and Andi Dorfman should be together. [Image by David Becker/Getty Images for iHeartMedia]

Now, this comes as a surprise. One may wonder if Andi’s appearance made a difference. After all, Nick must be having some feelings left for his old flame. Does the promo give out spoilers for the next episode of The Bachelor? Does Nick Viall pick Andi Dorfman and start a relation with her fresh? Josh Murray recently told Entertainment Weekly that Nick Viall and Andi Dorfman should have ended up together.

“I think they’re perfect for each other, to be honest.”

Are Nick Viall and Andi Dorfman going to listen to what Josh apparently suggests them to do? The next episode of The Bachelor may give many more clues about that. Watch it on ABC Monday at 8 p.m. ET.

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