Chumlee BFF And ‘Pawn Stars’ Costar Corey Harrison Home Robbed! What Was Stolen?

'Pawn Stars' Chumlee BFF Corey Harrison Robbed At Home! What Was Stolen?|Featured Image by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Three thieves broke into the home that Chumlee’s BFF and Pawn Stars co-star Corey Harrison resides. Although the incident occurred over a week ago, this is the first publicized news of whose home was robbed as the suspects are still at large, according to KSNV NEWS 3 in Las Vegas. What happened at the scene of the crime? Is the Pawn Stars fav ok? What was stolen in the home invasion?

Late at night on February 15, the family home of Corey Harrison was robbed by the intruders. The reality star’s sister, Jenn Harrison, who also resides at the property, personally saw an intruder going down the stairs. Jenn lives in her brother’s home, along with her son and daughter.

“I came out of my room. My son was sleeping in there. My daughter was sleeping in her room. And he came down the stairs.”

What was worse, is that she and an intruder looked at each other inside the property, located on the 5400 block of Sierra Brook Court in beautiful Northwest Las Vegas, before she ran back upstairs to make sure her children wee safe. How absolutely terrifying!

“I came around here I stopped right here and they were standing right there and I backed up and I peeked around again and we saw each other and I ran back upstairs.”

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According to Jenn, who spoken to KTNV, she originally thought that the intruders were friends of her brother, Corey. Then she noticed that their faces were covered with bandannas along the lower part of their faces to disguise themselves. Each of the thieves carried weapons.

“They were all in one group right there.”

She was especially concerned about her son, as his room was not locked, although her daughter’s room was securely locked.

“You can’t just come into people’s houses like that. It’s a terrible thing to wake up to.”

Her detailed information was confirmed with the home surveillance footage. The armed intruders got into the house using the dog door. Her dog is large, which makes it easier for a grown person to sneak in, She estimates that the intruders were in the home for 10 minutes.

It does not appear that the reality star was in the home. Nor has he given any public statements on this home invasion.

There were several items that were stolen, but this particular information was not revealed to anyone but the investigators.

Corey Harrison, son of the World Famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop owner Rick Harrison and grandson of the “old man” Richard Harrison is also a part owner of the shop, as well as star of the popular reality show Pawn Stars with his father, grandfather and childhood friend Austin Lee Russell, better known as Chumlee.

Just seven months ago, Inquisitr reported that Corey Harrison was selling his dream home for $2.3 million. The palatial 7000-square foot home was a dream realized for Corey, ever since his high school days when he used to drive by it on his way to school he loved that home. Back then, he vowed to own that home one day, and he did!

Corey and his now ex-wife Charlene had upgraded the place with a lot of bling and technological goodies, as well as a urinal in every bathroom. As of now, the home is still for sale, but whoever purchases this spectacular home will get a bonus treat of a keg of Coors beer and several mounted big screen televisions.

At that time, he also explained that he returned back to his family home that he recently purchased from his father, Rick Harrison. It is assumed that this is the home that he lives with his sister Jennifer that was recently robbed.

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On more happy news about the Pawns Stars star, Vegas News recently reported that Corey just celebrated his engagement to new fiancée Kiki Nejo at the downtown Las Vegas hotspot, the D Casino Hotel. The couple celebrated their romantic evening at the Andiamo Italian Steakhouse, enjoying some libations with some of the restaurant’s incredible Italian appetizers. While the report does not reveal what the couple indulged in, a quick look at the luscious menu reveals that the restaurant serves such delectables as Calamari Fritti, Colossal Gulf Shrimp Cocktail and Steak Tartare. Delizioso!

Like his father Rick Harrison, who stumped for Trump, Corey is a fan of the new president and currently posts a lot of political messages on his social media, including one where he is standing with Donald Trump before he was elected president. Corey has not indicated if he was invited to the inauguration like his father, Rick Harrison.


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Do you have any information on this robbery? Anyone with information on this robbery can remain anonymous with a call to Crime Stoppers at 702.828.8577.

[Featured Image by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]