How Chris Hemsworth’s 20 Pound ‘Thor’ Gain Helped Luke ‘Make It’ In Hollywood

Chris Hemsworth is well-known for playing some of the most muscular and handsome characters on the big screen, including Thor, James Hunt, Owen Chase, and The Huntsman from the Thor films, Rush, In the Heart of the Sea, and Snow White and the Huntsman, respectively.

Of all the characters that the Australian actor has played, Thor is considered as one of the most influential, simply because of the effect the hero’s physique has had on bodybuilders around the world. Chris Hemsworth had earlier revealed that he had gained 20 pounds to play the superhero and, while preparing for the role, the actor enlisted the help of former Navy SEAL Duffy Gaver to focus on building various muscles by using age-old bodybuilding techniques like bench presses, squats, lunges, and seated calf raises. In addition, Chris Hemsworth’s daily diet provided him with at least 6,000 calories to allow for the exhaustive workout regime.

Chris Hemsworth’s God-like Thor workout | muscle & fitness

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The Thor film series has become one of the most successful series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the actor has since relied on a number of personal trainers to help him to maintain his physique while filming. At one point in time, the Thor actor also sought the help of Luke Hemsworth, his older brother who is also an actor and a personal trainer.

Like his brothers Chris and Liam, Luke Hemsworth has always aspired to move to Hollywood to achieve success as an actor, despite owning a flooring business in Australia. Chris Hemsworth’s decision to utilize the help and advice of his brother Luke allowed Luke to get a strong foothold in Hollywood by becoming involved in the production of Thor: The Dark World.

An established actor in Australia, the older Hemsworth brother has acted in popular films like Infini and Kill Me Three More Times, as well as the British science-fiction movie The Anomaly. However, Luke Hemsworth is yet to establish himself in Hollywood’s film industry like his younger brothers Chris and Liam.

But that may all have started to change as the older Hemsworth brother has had the opportunity to feature in the television series Westworld. Luke acknowledges that Chris Hemsworth played a big role in helping him to relocate to Hollywood to fulfill his acting dream. According to the Daily Mail, Luke spoke about how he derived inspiration from Chris.

“Watching him go through all that [early success] crystallized in my mind that it was what I wanted to do. And that I couldn’t stay sanding floors for the rest of my life!”

Chris Hemsworth has been instrumental in providing moral support to his brother Luke, who has admitted he often felt disheartened while struggling to establish himself in Hollywood. Even though he worked as a fitness trainer, Luke Hemsworth auditioned for various roles, and he finally got the opportunity to feature in HBO’s Westworld.

There were times when Luke thought about returning to Australia, and in those times, it was Chris Hemsworth who convinced Luke to keep trying and to focus on his goal. According to the Times of India, Luke credits the opportunity to work on Thor that was afforded him by Chris Hemsworth as providing him with the emotional and financial kickstart he needed to finally make the move to Hollywood.

“I didn’t have any qualifications, but I was always heavily into training, so it was a no-brainer for me. It was an amazing setup and allowed me to save enough money to come here with my family, which was the next logical step.”

And now it looks like Luke Hemsworth has finally “made it” in Hollywood. The Fix reported that the oldest Hemsworth brother was the butt of a joke at January’s People’s Choice Awards by the host, Joel McHale.

McHale was summing up 2016 when he mentioned three things that surprised him last year, including the success of Deadpool, the release of Beyonce’s Lemonade, and “the most shocking of all, the discovery of a third Hemsworth brother.”

“You guys just divide, I don’t know how you do it.”

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