‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 80 Spoilers: Omni-King Won’t Erase Losing Universes

Dragon Ball Super episode 80 continues the Zen Exhibition Match between Universes 7 and 9.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 80 spoilers predict some good news for fans up ahead. Aside from featuring a fight between Gohan and Universe 9’s Lavenda in round two of the Zen Exhibition Match, the upcoming episode is said to finally address the fearsome punishment for losers in the Tournament of Power.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 80 will continue the storyline of the Universe Survival arc, which is distinguished by its main event, the Tournament of Power. With Vegeta unable to train with Goku due to his wife’s pregnancy, Goku got bored without a partner powerful enough to spar with.

Unfortunately for all the universes in Dragon Ball Super, Goku remembered the promise made by Omni King, also known as Zen-Oh, to hold a tournament pitting the most powerful fighters in all the 11 universes. Despite Beerus’ warnings not to remind the fearfully powerful and sometimes unpredictable Omni-Kings, Goku went ahead and visited the two Zen-Ohs reminding them of their promise.

Thus, Goku was responsible for starting the Tournament of Power. The previous Dragon Ball Super Episode 79 saw the gathering of the fighters from all of the 11 universes, accompanied by their Gods of Destruction and their attendant angels.

The episode also revealed the victor’s prize and the punishment for the losing teams in upcoming Tournament of Power. The winning team will receive the highly coveted Super Dragon Balls. However, the rest of the universes will face a bleak punishment from the two Zen-Ohs as the Supreme Gods decided that it would be the perfect time to demonstrate their powers by erasing the losing teams’ universes from existence. Since only one team will eventually win the Tournament of Power, it means that by the time it would be over, 10 universes will cease to exist.

The various Gods of Destruction and the attendants were aghast at the totally unexpected and harsh punishment that awaits the losers. In fact, fans have expressed negative sentiments about the childish and innocent Omni-Kings for being so brutal. But it was probably Goku who received most of the negative comments. The Dragon Ball Super character did now show remorse upon knowing that his insistence on holding the Tournament of Power endangers the lives of all inhabitants of 10 universes.

Fortunately, Dragon Ball Super Episode 80 spoilers offer a glimmer of hope. Apparently, the two Zen-Ohs are going to reverse their previous rule; they will no longer erase the entire universe represented by a losing team, Comic Book reported.

Meanwhile, Gohan will be Universe 7’s fighter for the second round of the Zen Exhibition Match against Universe 9. This time Gohan will face a fighter named Lavenda. However, there are predictions that it will not be an easy fight for Gohan, as his enemy will use questionable techniques to win the match.

For instance, it is predicted that Gohan will be temporarily blinded in his coming fight against Lavenda. This happens when Lavenda uses poison against his opponent’s eyes to increase his chances of winning the match.

Regarding the outcome of Gohan and Lavenda’s match, Dragon Ball Super Episode 80 spoilers are quite divided on this one. There are predictions that Gohan will lose given that his ability to fight will be impaired due to his lack of sight. However, there are also predictions stating that Gohan might just pull it off.

Based on released Dragon Ball Super Episode 80 synopsis, Goku will remain unperturbed even with his son’s predicament. Apparently, he believes that the setback offers the perfect opportunity for Gohan to evolve as a fighter. If this prediction is true, it means that Gohan might be able to beat Lavenda when he levels up in the battlefield.

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