Roman Reigns In WWE Limbo – Fix Offered Up By Surprising Source

Roman Reigns Turning Heel Is What His Famous Brother Wants To See

Roman Reigns has been stuck in the same place for the last few years in the WWE and while he’s made some fantastic moves in the ring, he hasn’t pushed ahead, cites a new report. For that matter, he hasn’t even fallen behind. Reigns still remains in a rather stagnant position in the WWE today, but a suggested fix for his time in limbo is coming from a least likely source – one of Reign’s own famous family members.

As the CB WWE suggests Reigns has had “less of a change in the last few years” than any of the other superstars in RAW and SmackDown.” It seems that Reigns has stayed pretty much in the same position since the disbandment of the Shield.

The man is a superstar to many of the WWE fans, but when it comes to technicalities, can Reigns really be tagged with that superstar label? Reigns may be exciting to watch, but has he earned that super-stardom, which is an ultimate goal for the WWE wrestlers?

The WWE fans are not the only ones who have grown tired of Reigns not finding his rightful position in the WWE. According to Reign’s famous brother, “Matt” Anoa’i, a.k.a. Rosey, he thinks it’s time for Reigns to mix things up a bit, and turn heel.

Reigns’ brother joins the chorus with the fans who have been singing that same tune about moving Reigns to a heel for a long time now. The CB WWE suggests that when it comes to Roman Reigns, “you know you your act is getting stale when your own flesh and blood wants you to mix things up and turn against the fans.”

When Rosey, was asked recently about his brother’s station in his WWE career, he had a surprising answer. There’s no hiding the fact that the WWE fans are ready for Reigns to “switch things up in the ring,” and his brother appears to be on the same page. According to to CB WWE, Rosey was quick with his answer.

The famous wrestling brother of Roman Reigns said, “Me personally, I’d love to see him be a heel, but that’s just me.” He offered up even more surprising thoughts for the fans to ponder. When Rosey was asked if he did make a return to the WWE, who would he like to face in the ring? The answer was none other than his brother, Roman Reigns.

Rosey didn’t hesitate with that answer either, he was just as quick to say that “Of course I’m going to say my brother, he’s the top dog Roman [Reigns].” According to a previous article from the Inquisitr, it was many years before Reigns stepped into a WWE ring that his brother perfected his moves in that ring. Rosie was given a couple of “high profile gimmicks” in his day.

With that said, Rosie knows what it takes to work yourself into a superstar. Reigns comes from a family that has been wrestling professionally since the 1970s and most of them have been heels. Reigns and Rosey’s father was one-half of the Wild Samoans tag team.

Roman Reigns’ family is one big clan that knows WWE wrestling both inside and out, so for Rosey to suggest Reigns turn heel, the WWE might want to take notice. As the previous Inquisitr article suggested, turning heel worked for The Rock. It made him a household name and his WWE fame even paved the way for The Rock to become a star in the movies.

Before The Rock jumped onto the silver screen, the WWE made a niche for him. By giving The Rock a gig of arrogance and having him “refer to himself in the third person,” a superstar was born. As a villain with The Nation of Domination, he became one of the most recognized faces in WWE and he is still recognized all over the world today. Reigns has that same charisma about him as The Rock did in the ring and apparently the fans aren’t alone in their wish, as Reign’s own brother sees him doing justice as a heel.

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