Katy Perry Slammed As A ‘Hypocrite’ After Taking On Donald Trump & Capitalism

Katy Perry blasted as "hypocritical" by fans

Katy Perry is feeling the wrath of fans after once again slamming Donald Trump.

Katy’s most recent political statement went down at the 2017 BRIT Awards in the U.K. on February 22, where Perry appeared to take aim at President of the United States Donald Trump and British Prime Minister Theresa May after Metro reported that Katy performed her latest single “Chained to the Rhythm” alongside giant skeletons dressed like the political leaders.

Perry’s latest apparent political statement comes after the singer was increasingly outspoken about Trump throughout his run for the presidency, which had some social media users slamming the pop star as a “hypocrite.”

A number of fans accused Perry of being hypocritical on Twitter in recent weeks, claiming that Katy is “part of this mess” while she continues to speak out about social issues and her disdain for Trump.

“I’m sorry but Katy is so [hypocritical] talking about the media and music company as ways to ignore real issues while BEING PART OF this mess,” Twitter user @megikaz recently tweeted about Perry’s outspoken nature when it comes to politics. “Just admit this is for the clicks [because] you weren’t relevant until now [because] now being ‘woke’ is a trend between heavily produced artists,” the Twitter user continued.

Katy Perry is being slammed as "hypocritcal" by some fans

Social media user @darylslinn also accused Katy of being a hypocrite on social media following the release of Perry’s latest single, “Chained to the Rhythm,” earlier this month.

“[The] irony of pop stars and political statements when they rip people off by churning out crap and taking money off fans – Katy Perry Hypocrite,” the social media user added of Katy, while @Rioty11 recently added on the 140-character site, “Perry’s new song gets me so mad. Not just because she’s a hypocrite but because she claims it to be ‘purposeful pop.”

Katy Perry unveiled the official music video for “Chained to the Rhythm” earlier this week, which Uproxx.com claimed “dissolves the cotton candy veneer of American capitalism,” despite Katy recently announcing two new huge business ventures.

Fans were quick to note that despite seemingly subtly speaking out against capitalism in her new music video, Perry announced her own line of shoes just days before dropping her politically charged new music video according to People, while Teen Vogue reported this week that Katy also has a makeup line in the works.

Katy has been extremely outspoken when it comes to her political views over the past few months, throwing her support behind Hillary Clinton during the latest Presidential campaign while also performing at a number of rallies for Clinton.

Perry has also appeared to hint that her latest hit, “Chained to the Rhythm,” has strong political undertones following its release earlier this month, suggesting she may be taking aim at Trump in some cryptic lyrics.

Katy Perry is being slammed as "hypocritcal" by some social media users

Hollywood Life highlighted a number of lyrics from Katy’s track which appear to have a political meaning, noting that Perry calls out “liars” in the song while also discussing breaking down walls after venting her distress after Trump became president.

Lyrics from Katy’s song, which are rapped by Skip Marley, state, “Break down the walls to connect, inspire. Ay, up in your high place, liars. Another verse claims, “Time is ticking for the empire. The truth is that it is feeble. I saw it many times before. The greed of all the people.”

Katy appeared to confirm fans’ speculation that the song may be slamming Trump earlier this month, interacting with fans who took to social media following “Chained to the Rhythm’s” release to suggest the song has serious political undertones that may subtly reference Donald Trump.

“Cannot believe we’re living in an era where @katyperry’s disco pop jams double as critically relevant political discourse,” @tbreitfeller wrote of the track, while Perry then seemed to suggest that Trump may be the inspiration behind the song by writing back to the fan, “Evolution right on track…”

“Free yourself from those chains, lace up your dancing shoes and march- the revolution has beat! @katyperry #CHAINEDTOTHERHYTHM,” another Twitter user wrote, to which Katy replied, “I’ll always march with you sister.”

Do you think Katy Perry is a hypocrite over her latest political statements against capitalism and Donald Trump?

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