WWE News: Kevin Owens Stealing The Show According To WWE Hall of Famer

WWE News: Kevin Owens Stealing The Show According To WWE Hall of Famer

Something interesting has happened in the WWE over the last two weeks. While all eyes have been focused on Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns battling Braun Strowman, WWE Universal Champion Kevin Ownes has quickly proven why people need to be looking at him. According to WWE Hall of Fame star Jim Ross, Kevin Owens stole the entire Monday Night Raw show this week.

Jim Ross pointed out that Kevin Owens immediately stole the show when it opened with him in the ring, the lights down and a spotlight on him, and his face filling up the television camera. Kevin Owens then cut possibly the best promo of his WWE career, talking about Goldberg and never even explaining his attack on his friend Chris Jericho from last week.

“Kevin Owens delivered the goods on Monday Night with that promo and that’s not an easy thing to do. He went out there and he remembered his directions, and more importantly delivered the verbiage to where I remember most of it, which is really good. I tip my hat to Kevin Owens to that.”

Kevin Owens is in a tough spot heading into WWE Fastlane. Goldberg beat the previously unbeatable Brock Lesnar in under two minutes. Most people expect Goldberg to squash Kevin Owens even quicker than that and ending his Universal Championship title reign.

However, in his promo, Kevin Owens pointed out that he knows all about how Goldberg beat Lesnar. However, he said that he also knows that the longer the match goes, the more Goldberg loses his advantage.

Brock Lesnar went straight after Goldberg and was knocked out quite quickly. Kevin Owens gameplan has always been to duck and run and wait for an opportunity to strike. Most of his title reign has been tainted by outside interference by Chris Jericho but Owens has proven he can win on his own. He beat John Cena when he first showed up in the WWE.

Two weeks ago was when this all started. Triple H showed up and took Kevin Owens aside for a private talk that was not captured on camera. Later in the show, Chris Jericho hosted a “Festival of Friendship” for Kevin Owens and had presents and the promise he would be there to back him up against Goldberg.

WWE News: Kevin Owens Stealing The Show According To WWE Hall of Famer

Kevin Owens responded by attacking Chris Jericho and destroying his best friend. It ended with him throwing Y2J through a TV screen in a betrayal that ranks up there with Shawn Michaels turning on Marty Jannetty so many years ago.

That was when the new reign of Kevin Owens started. This was the Kevin Owens that dominated in NXT and was a superstar in Ring of Honor. This is the Kevin Owens that fans of the man have wanted to see. The promo at the start of Monday Night Raw did indeed steal the show and now the big hurdle comes.

Fastlane still expects to see Goldberg beat Kevin Owens. The rumors indicate that the WWE wants a title on the line when Goldberg fights Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania. The options are pretty clear. Goldberg squashed Kevin Owens and kills his newfound push. Chris Jericho returns and costs Owens the match, leading to them fighting at WrestleMania.

WWE News: Kevin Owens Stealing The Show According To WWE Hall of Famer

The third option is Brock Lesnar shows up and costs Goldberg the title, a repeat of what happened the last time these two men fought at WrestleMania 20.

The last two options are what seems best for Kevin Owens. Wrestling Rumors reported that Chris Jericho will be kept off television until Fastlane, which indicates that he might be the one to get involved. Whatever happens, the WWE just struck gold with Kevin Owens and needs to work to keep him hot.


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