Dallas Cowboys Rumors: DeSean Jackson To Cowboys To Pair With Dez Bryant?

After an unexpected extremely successful season, the Dallas Cowboys ended up very close to the Super Bowl, but they’re missing the few pieces that could get them there. They ended the regular season with a 13-3 record and two games shy of the Super Bowl, but they are right on the cusp of a championship. One of the pieces that could get them to the next level is another wide receiver to pair with Dez Bryant, and that may land in their laps in the form of DeSean Jackson.

For nine seasons, Jackson has been a thorn in the sides of the Dallas Cowboys as he has faced them twice a year throughout his career. After starting with the Philadelphia Eagles and playing the last three years with the Washington Redskins, some thought he may head back to Philly for a second run.

Well, it now seems as if the Dallas Cowboys are one of the two teams who could end up signing the enigmatic wide receiver in free agency. If the Cowboys sign him, Dak Prescott would be blessed to have DeSean Jackson and Dez Bryant as his primary targets in 2017.

dallas cowboys rumors desean jackson patriots eagles nfl free agency
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According to Bleacher Report, there is one NFL scout who believes Jackson will end up with either the Cowboys or the New England Patriots. Of course, who wouldn’t want to play for the Super Bowl champions? While that is rather enticing, DeSean Jackson may end up wanting to stay in the NFC East where he is used to the play and opposing teams.

NJ.com brings up a valid point that having Jackson on the field for the Cowboys would make it almost impossible for opposing defenses to cover all the weapons. While Jackson and Bryant are receiving a lot of attention, Dak Prescott may find Jason Witten in the middle or hand it off to Ezekiel Elliott.

Having that many weapons on offense shouldn’t be allowed, but it certainly seems possible.

DeSean Jackson actually told ESPN‘s Adam Schefter that a return to Philadelphia would be a “great story,” but there is more to his decision than that. If he’s going to leave the Washington Redskins, Jackson wants to play with a “great quarterback.”

“I’m going on my 10th year in the league. I obviously would love to play with a great, great, great quarterback. I think Kirk Cousins is a great quarterback; he’s done crazy things the past couple of years as far as statistics.

“I want to win.”

If there is something that the Dallas Cowboys can offer to DeSean Jackson, it is the ability to win and win in a hurry.

dallas cowboys rumors desean jackson patriots eagles nfl free agency
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Jackson has been extremely consistent throughout his career with five seasons of more than 1,000 yards receiving. Two other seasons, he was over 900 yards and his only sub-par seasons were when he had them shortened due to injury.

Dez Bryant is locked into his contract with the Cowboys through the 2019 season and when he’s healthy, his numbers are off the charts. The only thing is keeping him in good health and Jackson would help in that department as it would take some of the defensive focus off of Bryant.

The Dallas Cowboys already have one of the best offenses in the NFL, but if Jerry Jones can sign DeSean Jackson and Adrian Peterson in free agency as the rumors suggest, they will instantly become Super Bowl favorites in 2017.

Throughout the nine years of his career, DeSean Jackson has tormented the Dallas Cowboys twice a year due to playing for two teams in the NFC East. If he isn’t returning to the Eagles for a second run, it is very possible that he may land with his third different team in the division. Jackson is still performing at a very high level after nine NFL seasons and he would form a dangerous pairing with Dez Bryant and Dak Prescott leading the offense.

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