Milo Ventimiglia Arm: Why Is The ‘This Is Us’ Star Sporting A Cast?

Milo Ventimiglia’s arm is injured, leaving some fans wondering what This Is Us’ Jack Pearson might have done to it. As it turns out, the 39-year-old is only interested in sharing the bare minimum of information about how he got there.

As reports, on Tuesday night, Ventimiglia stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to promote This Is Us, and he showed up clean-shaven (unlike his This Is Us character, which is usually bearded) and, most notably, with his arm in a cast.

Why is Milo Ventimiglia's arm in a cast?
Milo Ventimiglia stopped by The Tonight Show with his arm in a cast. [Image by YouTube]

When Jimmy asked Milo about it, Milo treated the whole situation as a joke, comparing his sling to a woman’s purse. He then pulled out a few items that he’s been keeping in there, such as his wallet, tissues, a banana, and floss. He also appears to be keeping a couple of mementos from his career in his cast, including a tea towel with the This Is Us logo, and a card reading “Team Jess” (a reference to his breakout role on the series Gilmore Girls).

“So I got the cast, and this sling has become a catch-all. I’ve got my phone in it – I feel like an older gal that puts her phone in her bra, and I get very (protective) of it.”

As to why he wound up having his arm in a cast in the first place, Milo wasn’t entirely forthcoming.

“I got into a knife fight… with the surgeon. I had some torn tendons and had to get surgery on it, so I’m recovering.”

Thanks to some digging from Page Six, it appears as if Milo might have in some way injured his arm during his personal workouts. Back in December, New York fight shop Superare publicly mentioned Ventimiglia in a tweet, offering to send him a pair of gloves. Ventimiglia responded with a polite thanks-but-no-thanks.

Of course, how Milo Ventimiglia injured his arm is his own business, and it is his personal choice if he wants to keep that information private.

So how will his cast affect production of This Is Us? Not at all, says the actor. His rep told Page Six that the cast “had nothing to do with production.”

Milo Ventimiglia would hardly be the first TV actor to suffer an injury while production of a hit show continues. Generally, when actors sustain visible injuries, the show’s producers have three choices: 1) show the injury but not mention it on the show; 2) write the injury into the show; and 3) avoid showing the injury through creative camera work.

Option 3, which appears to be how This Is Us is handling Milo Ventimiglia’s arm injury, is also how The Big Bang Theory handled a similar situation involving star Mayim Bialik.

As E! Online reported at the time in August 2012, Mayim severely injured her hand in a car accident right as production of her hit show was getting ready to pick up. Fortunately, the show’s producers did not see her injury as a problem.

“No, we’re going to make it work. As long as I’m not dancing or walking. We’re good. No handstands.”

As for Milo Ventimiglia, his injured arm may not be a problem moving forward in his This Is Us career. As ET reports, This Is Us has already wrapped production for the first season. Hopefully, Milo Ventimiglia’s arm will be better when production of This Is Us Season 2 begins in a few months.

[Featured Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]