Meet Melania Trump’s ‘Twin’: Model Cashes In By Impersonating First Lady

Melania Trump Impersonator Cashing In

Melania Trump has a “twin” who’s cashing in big on her newfound fame. She’s making $3,000 per appearance to show up at events to impersonate the first lady.

Mira Tzur, a 45-year-old model and actress from Miami, is a Melania Trump lookalike to some, according to Fox News. She works with New York actor, John Di Domenico, who impersonates President Donald Trump. The $3,000 charge plus expenses include Tzur and Domenico to attend events and act as the president and first lady. The impersonator says she’s been hired eight times so far to play Melania.

Tzur tells the Miami Herald that being Melania Trump’s twin is “not really a second career,” but “an extension of” her “existing career.” She admits that she didn’t think she looked much like Melania until a photographer dressed her up as the first lady one day. Mira Tzur is an admirer of Melania and her husband.

“I feel great admiration for both of them. That makes my job ever better.”

The Melania Trump impersonator is said to be the same height and weight as the first lady.

Tzur is an Israeli-born model from Tel Aviv. She relocated to the United States after receiving a scholarship to the New York City Ballet Arts School. She has also made several television and film appearances. The model has flexed her acting skills on Comedy Central’s Viva Variety and had a guest appearance on 30 Rock, where she played the role of Jack Donaghy’s secretary. Movies she’s appeared in are The Devil Wears Prada and The Stepford Wives.

According to The Mirror, Mira Tzur was asked by John Di Domenico, who’s played Donald Trump for years, to appear in a video with him as Melania. Her gig as Melania Trump’s lookalike took off from there. Mira adds that she has an accent similar to the first lady’s.

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In the photos seen online, the model replicates Melania’s facial expressions and gestures well.

Surfing through Twitter will bring up all kinds of Melania Trump lookalikes and actresses trying to cash in on impersonating her. When Kate Middleton married Prince William, a few models were booked up to play her at various events. The most realistic lookalike of the Duchess of Cambridge is Heidi Agan, a professional impersonator of England’s future queen. Agan was discovered in 2012 and works internationally, according to her website. Due to her uncanny likeness to Kate, Agan has a burgeoning career appearing as a member of England’s royal family at special events and parties.

Nearly all big name celebrities have a twin somewhere with a few taking advantage of what it can bring to their acting or modeling careers. There’s been countless impersonators of the most famous celebrities, such as Elvis and Marilyn Monroe.

Will other Melania Trump twins come out of the woodwork over time? Possibly, but it seems as if the most famous impersonator of Mrs. Trump is Mira Tzur, who’s enjoying her job a lot these days since President Trump was inaugurated. Considering his presidency is making sensational headlines every day and his wife is so intriguing to the public, impersonators stand to do well. There’s no shortage of material for them to work with, either.

Do you think Mira Tzur looks like Melania Trump?

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