Russell Brand Hits Homeless Guys Shopping Cart, Helps Make It All Better

Russell Brand and his Range Rover had a run in with a homeless guy on Thursday. Brand was driving around Hollywood at 9 am when he missed the homeless guy and smashed directly into his shopping cart.

The homeless man was fine, but his shopping cart filled with recyclables and other items was toppled to the ground.

Brand was quick to jump out of his Range Rover and help the homeless man collect all of his belongings from the street where they were strewn.

Russel Brand has a history of hanging out with homeless people, perhaps because he looks like a confused homeless guy. You might recall that, back in September, Brand took a group of homeless guys out to a nice breakfast at the Newsroom Cafe in West Hollywood

Brand also once allowed a homeless guy to use his bath. In another case of his kindheartedness, the actor-comedian was also recently spotted outside of his yoga class where he offered a homeless guy some water and chatted with him for a while.

Unlike his last encounters, Russell Brand didn’t offer the shopping cart victim any type of food or a bath; he just helped out and went on his way.

Are you impressed with Russell Brand’s charitable ways towards the homeless.