Pamela Anderson Inspired By Julian Assange To Help Men Falsely Accused Of Rape

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Pamela Anderson has declared that she wants to be an advocate for men falsely accused of rape.
The 49-year-old model’s choice in advocacy comes after visiting with WikiLeaks creator, Julian Assange, who is at the Ecuadorian embassy in London. Assange, 44, is wanted for questioning in Sweden over a rape allegation that stems from 2010.

The former Baywatch actress announced her new cause on the television show Going Underground. Pamela said that there are a lot of men who face allegations of rape, which puts them in a “vulnerable situation” — turning them into targets to become “politically bullied.” She said the move came out of her support of WikiLeaks founder in the wake of rape allegations against him in Sweden.

“Sweden has these very progressive laws against sexual crimes… It’s almost too progressive, it’s almost paralyzing. I’m going to actually start campaigning for men who have been victims of being accused of rape when they haven’t actually done anything.”

Pamela has been very vocal about being the victim of sexual abuse as a child. However, she doesn’t feel that seeking justice for men who are falsely accused of rape undermines her previous work in supporting abused women and children’s charities, according to the Daily Mail.

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In 2005, Sweden expanded its definition of rape in the Swedish Sexual Crimes Act to include what is considered the “helpless state,” which might mean having sex with a person who is sleeping or incapable of saying “no.”

According to the Daily Mail, a scenario where the law would generally come into play is when someone who’s intoxicated falls asleep, and wakes up to discover someone having intercourse with them. Before the modification, the aforementioned situation would merely be looked at as sexual abuse. The law doesn’t criminalize former legal acts, but rather expands the definition of rape to include more sexual offenses.

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Following the statements of Anderson, RT’s Going Underground questioned the former Baywatch actress’ announcement saying she was formerly an advocate for sexual assault victims.

“We all of course we gravitate to vulnerable people, and we consider that to be women and children, first and foremost, which is important of course,’ she responded. But there are also men who are in a vulnerable situation and politically bullied… Obviously in this case it’s a lot of politics, and I think Sweden doesn’t really know what to do. We just have to make it known, the findings of the case… Because when you actually read the case and you read everything about it, there’s no crime that has been committed.”

In 2014, the model revealed that she was a victim of sexual abuse. During the turbulent time in her life, Anderson stated that she had been molested as a child at the age of 12 and had been gang-raped just years later.

Meanwhile, Assange has vehemently denied all allegations that he raped the woman who is commonly referred to in legal reports as SW. Assange believes the accusations are politically motivated after WikiLeaks released concealed records on the Afghanistan and Iraq wars.

Pamela was seen at Assange’s home in September 2014. The meeting was set up to make an effort to get Assange to back Anderson’s new foundation — which supports girls that are victims of sexual abuse. Anderson was seen bringing Assange dinner prior to the Christmas holidays. She walked down the street to the Ecuadorean embassy with a tote filled of Whole Foods groceries. Pamela was seen with Assange between December 7 and December 12 of 2016.

In less than a month, Assange saw Anderson again. For some time, rumors swirled that Anderson poisoned Assange after she brought him food from Pret A Manger.

Julian Assange Facing Rape Allegations In Sweden, Leaves Fate Up To Department Of Justice

Julian Assange has said his possible extradition to the U.S. is in the hands of the Department of Justice (DoJ), according to the Guardian. The founder of WikiLeaks has made it clear that the ball is in America’s court in regard to whether or not his offer to go to the United States still stands now that Chelsea Manning will be released. On January 17, Obama commuted Manning’s sentence.

Former President Barack Obama commuted the sentence of Chelsea Manning, 29, a former army intelligence analyst who was convicted of providing classified military documents to WikiLeaks. The whistleblower was sentenced to 35 years in prison in August 2013 and will now be released within a matter of months, as per the Independent.


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However, Assange has remained in the Ecuadorian embassy in London. According to Russia Today, Julian Assange live-streamed a pseudo press conference via Periscope and said that he still stands by his former claims of extradition.

“If to settle the matter requires going to the United States under certain circumstances where my rights are protected, that’s something we want to discuss, but the ball is in the DoJ court… We had a major strategic victory in liberating Chelsea Manning – the most significant alleged whistleblower in the last 10 years – but of course saying I’m willing to accept extradition doesn’t mean I’m saying, I’m willing to be a complete idiot and throw all my lawyers away.”

Assange, who is Australian, has said he fears deportation to Sweden and the United States, where he could be charged for the publication of hundreds of thousands of secret U.S. diplomatic cables. According to the Wall Street Journal, Julian also believes if he is extradited to Sweden, he will then be extradited to the U.S., where he could face espionage charges due to leaking thousands of classified documents on the WikiLeaks website.

The WikiLeaks founder maintains that he has been robbed of his freedom for the last six years, according to The Guardian. The situation has also taken a toll on Assange’s physical well-being. Assange’s health deteriorated significantly since his confinement. He developed an arrhythmia, high blood pressure, chronic cough, and a Vitamin D deficiency, according to the Observer.

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