‘Vikings’ Season 5: Ivar Vs. Heahmund Inevitable, November 2017 Release Likely

Vikings Season 5’s Ivar the Boneless (Alex Høgh) may have had a rough childhood when it comes to his physical conditions, but that did not stop him from claiming victory with the Great Army in the Season 4 finale. The next season is expected to focus on Ragnar’s (Travis Fimmel) son with Aslaug (Alyssa Sutherland), and fans have yet to see if his lust to kill will become stronger after the war and after killing his brother, Sigurd (David Lindström).

It can be recalled in Season 4, which concluded in early February, that Ivar decided he could no longer take Sigurd’s insults. In a heated argument between the Lothbrok brothers, Ivar “unintentionally” killed Sigurd with an axe. Vikings Season 5 will highlight what happens to Ivar after Sigurd’s death.

As revealed by Vikings creator, Michael Hirst, Season 5 will open up with Sigurd’s burial and Ivar weeping, since he believes he did not mean for his death to happen. Nevertheless, this destroyed the relationship between the brothers and they would split up. Most of Season 5 will focus on what happened after the brothers go their separate ways, Hirst explained to Variety.

Jonathan Rhys Myers as Bishop Heahmund in Vikings Season 5
Jonathan Rhys Myers plays a formidable foe for Ivar in Vikings Season 5 [Image by Jonathan Hession/History Channel]

Vikings Season 5 fans will also get to see more of Jonathan Rhys Myers’ character, the warrior bishop Heahmund, who is expected to cross paths with Ivar. According to Hirst in an interview with Rotten Tomatoes, Heahmund and Ivar are bound to meet and that is because they share some similarities.

“There are elements to Ivar that are similar: the conflicted person, the fundamentalist. I think you just feel that there is something inevitable about those two characters coming together, which they will.”

This will set up Heahmund as Ivar’s challenging adversary in Vikings Season 5. For Hirst, the Saxons need a strong warrior during a time of crisis and that’s where Bishop Heahmund comes into the picture.

Heahmund and his group will serve as forerunners of the Knights Templar who will willingly fight when the church is threatened. These princes of the church are highly intelligent, which only means that they will definitely be a great match for the equally smart Ivar. Heahmund, in particular, was a real person in history who was well-known.

Bishop Heahmund will not be the only problem that Ivar has to deal with in Vikings Season 5. It is now rumored that Ivar could be the one to kill Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick). The Seer not only predicted the death of Ragnar, which happened in the previous season, but also the demise of Lagertha. According to the prophecy, Lagertha will die at the hands of one of the Lothbrok brothers. It is now expected that Ivar will be the one to take her life to avenge his mother, Aslaug’s, death. Ivar, who deeply loved his mother, was also heard telling Lagertha that he will kill her “one day” in one of the episodes in Season 4.

Lagertha's demise has been predicted in Vikings
Ivar is rumored to kill Lagertha in Vikings Season 5 [Image by Jonathan Hession/History Channel

If Lagertha does indeed get killed by one of Ragnar’s sons, some reports stated that this will not happen until the end of the season. There could even be a possibility that she will live through Season 6 since Hirst already confirmed that the show will have another season. He said in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter that filming for Season 5 is underway and the show will “certainly” have a Season 6.

As for the release date of Vikings Season 5, fans will have to wait for the official announcement. There is a possibility that the series will stick to the February premiere, as with the previous seasons. There are also rumors that Season 5 will debut sometime in November this year if History Channel’s nine-month break between seasons is anything to go by.

History has yet to confirm a release date so fans should just stay tuned for more news on Vikings Season 5.

[Featured Image by Jonathan Hession/History Channel]