Write-In Ballots Reveal Beyonce And Clint Eastwood Among Popular Presidential Choices

While Beyonce and Jay-Z have buddied up with president Barack Obama, it seems as though some people wanted queen B to reign supreme in the presidential and local election. It was revealed that on some write-in votes, voters seemed to have taken on a humorous spin to the election. Some people were said to vote for their favorite pop culture figures, and one of those celebrities that donated was Beyonce.

According to Aiken County Registration in Cold Creek, officials said that typically interesting names have the habit of appearing on write-in ballots, but this election there was a rise in what people were willing to stand for their vote. Apparently, there was a ton of opportunities to write in votes as several local races involved writing candidates.

Giving some perspective on the write-in process, Cynthia Holland, who is the executive director of Aiken County Registration and Elections said, “People do it (write in quirky names) just to be silly. If only they understood we had to go through all of these.”

In addition to singer Beyonce, and actor/director Clint Eastwood, Mickey Mouse, “Me”, Alf, Donald Duck, Big Bird, “Nobody, and Obama were among the write-ins. According to officials the humorous choices (with the exception of Obama), were noted as “no votes.”

However, don’t let this injustice lead you to believe that write-ins don’t count. Govenor Strom Thurmond was elected to the U.S. Senate in 1954, and was said to have easily have won by write-ins.

Who would you choose as your write-in vote?