You Can Win Up To $1,000 Cash From 'The Inquisitr,' Here's How!

Win A $1,000 Cash Grand Prize!

Second Prize: $500 Cash! Third Prize: $250 Cash!

Here's your chance to win big! The Inquisitr is reaching into the company coffers and giving you the chance to catch some cash. Simply tweet any Inquisitr article to enter and send an email with the direct link to the tweet to - You may tweet as many articles as you wish to enter, any time, any day!

The tweet with the most retweets will win $1000 cash prize, guaranteed! The tweets with the second and third most retweets will win the $500 and $250 cash prizes, respectively.

The Inquisitr will keep track of all the tweets and retweets, and will update daily, right on this page.

This contest open to all Twitter users with accounts that were created before April 2017. Contest ends May 15, 2017, and the winners will be announced May 22.

Participants may not solicit retweets in exchange for money or goods/services. All retweets will be vetted to verify they are free of abnormalities. All discretion, including the final decision to award prizes, rests with the Inquisitr's staff.

Updated list of top 3 entries:

Last update: 1:00 pm EST on 5/18/17.

----------Current 1st placeTweet:
User: @ArianeBellamarRetweets: 778----------Current 2nd placeTweet:
User: @AllMarketing24Retweets: 703----------Current 3rd placeTweet:
User: @ArianeBellamarRetweets: 466----------

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