Selena Gomez ‘Blocks’ The Biebs, Break-Up ‘Definitely’ Involves Another Woman

We’re guessing that little talk didn’t go so well.

Selena Gomez is apparently shunning ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber, blocking him in her phone and other communication devices following the couple’s break-up. TMZ reports that Gomez doesn’t want Bieber reaching out to her or contacting her at all. The gossip site says that she’s still following the Biebs on Twitter, and though we couldn’t find him in her “following” list, many of his family members and fan pages are still in there.

According to their sources, the break-up wasn’t smoothed over by the ex-couple’s recent talk, and the split “definitely” involves another woman. Though much speculation is still on Victoria’s Secret model Barbara Palvin, she said that she’s not with Biebs, and in any case, already has a boyfriend of two years.

Still, blocking your ex through virtually every form of communication is a pretty classic sign. Though it could mean there’s another woman involved, it seems likely that Gomez at least believes this to be the case.

Anyway, both Bieber and Gomez have remained mum on their Twitter accounts about the break-up. Though they’ve both been inundated with questions, Bieber has at least done what most of us do after a tough break-up: post a quote that directly applies to your situation without dropping any names:

Though nothing can be set in stone about this break-up, smart money for the now is on Justin Bieber’s ego authoring the split. It’s understandable. He has the money, the fame, the following, and all at a young age. We’re not hating on Biebs, he’s done some good, charitable things.

But maybe Selena Gomez just wants a “normal” boyfriend.