Twitter enters the election coverage race with Twitter Election 2008

Twitter has launched a site dedicated to the 2008 US Presidential election, Twitter Election 2008.

The new site includes an automatically updating feed of every Tweet related to the election, and also offers a break down via candidate and election issue. An interesting change, at least according to VentureBeat, is the site itself allows Twitter users to submit directly into the stream, asking instead of the standard “what are you doing,” “what do you think.”

The site includes links to the official Twitter campaign accounts from both candidates, and automatically updates hot topics based on discussions on Twitter, for example David Letterman comes up as a topic tonight.

The service in practice isn’t bad, but it’s not brilliant either. Inane ramblings from Twitter users aren’t made any better packaged on a site with nice graphics and links based on hot topics. Still, it’s a reasonable way of monitoring what people are saying on election related issues in real time.