Kendall K Releases Different ‘Where Would I Be Without You’ Music Video [Video]

Dance Moms star Kendall Vertes, also known as Kendall K, has released the official music video to her new single, “Where Would I Be Without You?” Kendall’s new song is a follow up to her 2015 single, “Wear ‘Em Out.”

As seen in the most recent episode of Dance Moms Season 7, Kendall K, and her mom Jill, threw a viewing party for the fans to celebrate the release of “Where Would I Be Without You.” Even though they fired Abby Lee Miller as Kendall’s manager, Kendall and Jill still opted to invite her to the party.

“Fun! That’s something to do,” Abby told Jill.

After seeing the number of Dance Moms fans who showed up for the premiere, Jill cannot help but feel emotional. Though thankful for the support from fans, Jill admitted that she was a little nervous of what Abby might think of Kendall’s new music video.

“I’m a little bit nervous because we invited Abby but the new music that Kendall is producing has nothing to do with that. And I know these are your kids and I know we have Nationals tomorrow but this isn’t your event. I hope Abby can appreciate that and not cause a scene.”

Abby may not be managing Kendall K’s music career anymore but that did not stop her from making the most out of the event. The ALDC coach decided to sell Dance Moms merchandise at the premiere, with help from mini moms Yolanda and Stacey.

Backstage, Kendall told Jill that while she was happy that the girls are supporting her, she could clearly tell that Abby did not want to be at the premiere. Jill explained that Abby was just acting that way because she was angry about getting fired.

“You know what she’s angry about Kendall? She lost control of you and your music and that was her fault and now here she is. She’s gonna watch you explode into the music scene right in front of all these kids, in front of America. Don’t get caught up in anything. You stay focused. This is your day. This is about you,” Jill told Kendall.

Kendall K’s first single, “Wear ‘Em Out” was released in April 2015. Since then, the Dance Moms star has not released anything largely because of Abby Lee Miller. As reported by Inquisitr, Kendall K previously spent an entire summer in California recording an entire album that did not see the light of day. The 15-year-old dancer said that Abby did not give them an explanation and they just chose to move on.

“It’s crazy to think how far I’ve come with my music career especially because I did have a very big bump in the road with Abby and I haven’t released anything in two years so this is a really big step for me. I’m really excited but I’m nervous at the same time.”

Who knew this Artist thing would involve so much art ???? Find out what comes next tomorrow @ 430pm (PST) #WWIBWY ????

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In spite of what happened, Kendall K kept it classy and even thanked Abby Lee Miller during her speech, saying that it was the ALDC coach who introduced her to music.

Early this month, Kendall K shared that they made “Where Would I Be Without You” as a thank you to her Dance Moms fans. The official music video starred some of her co-stars Kalani Hilliker and Nia Frazier. Interestingly, the clip they showed during the premiere party is different from the official music video they released on Kendall K’s official YouTube channel.

“I love that Abby finally got to see what hard work and a good producer does for you,” Jill told the cameras.

The next scene, however, showed Abby telling Jamie, Maesi’s mom, that Jill and Kendall used the exact same team they used during the “Wear ‘Em Out” shoot.

“They used the exact same thing that I used. it will go to number one, she’ll make a million, I’ll make nothing. ever great star that I’ve made, leaves. that’s what they do.”

Check out Kendall K’s first music video for “Where Would I Be Without You?” below.

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