'Star Wars' Episode 8 News: Josh Gad And Celebs Ask Daisy Ridley For Spoilers

The latest in Star Wars Episode 8 news is scarce but that doesn't stop people from trying to get as much information on the upcoming film and some of them are even trying to use their celebrity status to get what they want.

One of whom is Josh Gad who's been hounding his co-star, Daisy Ridley, for any information about The Last Jedi.

Gad is starring alongside Ridley in Murder on the Orient Express and he has been shamelessly trying to coax his co-star into revealing the latest on Star Wars Episode 8 news.

Gad has been posting videos on Instagram and Twitter of his many attempts to get any information from his tight-lipped co-star but Daisy Ridley has managed to deflect all of the Frozen actor's schemes.

Gad frequently asks Ridley to come over to his trailer to ask something about the script of the film they're shooting but as soon as Ridley settles into their process of studying their lines Gad will sneak in a question or two on the latest Star Wars Episode 8 news.

In one scenario, Gad asks Ridley to read their script together but as soon as The Force Awakens actress reads the script she finds that Gad was just trying to catch her off-guard and give away some details about the upcoming Star Wars film.

Gad asked Ridley, "Who are the last Jedi?"

To which the Star Wars actress smiled and replied, "We're not doing this Josh,"

Gad then nags her for any information pretending that he needed it to work on his character on their film, Murder on the Orient Express.

It's unfortunate that Ridley wasn't buying into Gad's pleas because the comedic actor was asking Daisy a question that a lot of Star Wars fans have been asking, which has to do with the title of the upcoming sequel to The Force Awakens.

Gad asked Ridley if The Last Jedi meant that the upcoming film will only feature one Jedi Knight or a lot of them as recent reports have stated.

According to Time, the biggest Star Wars Episode 8 news is that the title in other languages confirms that there is more than one Jedi Knight in the upcoming sequel.

Since the release of the title, Star Wars fans have been speculating that there will only be one Jedi Master in the upcoming film and it is Mark Hamill's Luke Skywalker.

This theory led them to believe that Rey (Daisy Ridley) won't be a Jedi Knight in the sequel but Time says that when the title was translated to other languages it was revealed that the people behind The Last Jedi are talking about several other Force-wielding individuals.

Going back to Josh Gad, the A Dog's Purpose actor tried his best to squeeze any information from Daisy Ridley and he even gave her a spoiler for Frozen 2 when he said that Olaf, his character, will return to the sequel (as if no one knew that that was going to happen).

Star Wars episode 8 news: Josh Gad tries to get Daisy Ridley to spill the beans on sequel
[Image by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP Images]

Sensing that he won't get anywhere with Ridley, Gad then proceeded to get a little help from some of his famous friends to goad the actress into revealing the latest on Star Wars Episode 8 news.

One famous actress Gad used against Ridley, which was quite surprising, is none other than Dame Judi Dench.

Gad invited Ridley back to his trailer once more and as soon as she entered the door Ridley pointedly told Gad that she won't answer any of his Star Wars questions.

Gad then told her that he doesn't have any but Dame Judi Dench has and the camera pans over to the stoic image of Britain's most respected thespian and she started hurling question after question at Ridley who just stood there with a surprised look on her face.

Star Wars episode 8 news: Judi Dench also tries to goad Ridley into spilling the beans
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Gad also recruited more famous actors to badger Ridley into giving up any Star Wars secrets and it included Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, and Penelope Cruz.

J.J. Abrams was also there to ask Ridley about the latest Star Wars Episode 8 news but the actress bit her lip and held onto her secrets like a pro. Sorry, Josh.

You can watch Josh and his friends' attempts to get any information from Daisy Ridley in the video below.

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