‘Dance Moms’ Rumors: Chloe Lukasiak To Take Over Hosting From Abby Lee Miller?

We are, literally, just a day away from finding out if Abby Lee Miller will be sentenced to prison for her part in a fraud scheme. Needless to say, the latest Dance Moms rumors are ramping up in intensity, and they’re especially concerned with the state of the show if, indeed, Abby Lee Miller has to serve time for fraud. But there is some good news coming out of the Dance Moms rumors mill: an old fan favorite might be taking over the hosting duties!

That’s the word according to Monsters and Critics, whose latest round of Dance Moms rumors suggest that Chloe just might be the perfect choice to take over from Abby Lee Miller should Miller, indeed, have to serve hard time. When Chloe came back to Dance Moms for the season finale, last night, she was greeted with wild cheers and open arms. And, in the past, Chloe has said that she would only return to Dance Moms if Abby Lee Miller left the show. Could this be a sign, then, that Chloe could be taking over?

According to Chronicle Live‘s latest round of Dance Moms spoilers, the prospect of Chloe Lukasiak taking over for hosting duties is one that doesn’t exactly please Abby Lee Miller. The outlet recently spoke to the ALDC leader while she was in London, paying a visit, and it seems as though she has much more lofty ambitions for the show than just a famous dancer.

Miller, in fact, is pretty hell-bent on a certain Hollywood icon to take over the show should she have to go to the slammer.

“While many other dance shows have different contestants and different hosts it’s just us, it’s the ALDC. I don’t know if with this network and with this show they know what to do with it. Especially the production company. They’ve never had a show go more than one season and now they have this on their hands and they don’t know what they’re doing. I need Ron Howard or somebody to step in!”

While we don’t propose to speak for Ron Howard, we sincerely doubt that he’d be interested in taking over Dance Moms if Abby Lee Miller goes to prison. Just a hunch.

Finally, according to the latest Dance Moms rumors from Life & Style Weekly, the prosecutors in Abby Lee Miller’s case are looking for the maximum penalty. However, Abby Lee’s attorney feels she doesn’t deserve such a harsh punishment.

“Throughout this case, Ms. Miller has taken both the allegations and the proceedings very seriously. This has been a challenging time for Ms. Miller. She appreciates the words of encouragement and support from around the world.”

The outlet went on to describe Abby Lee Miller’s previous run-ins with the courts.

“This isn’t the Florida native’s first run-in with the law. In 2014, one of her former dancers, Paige Hyland, filed an emotional distress lawsuit against the studio owner. It was later dropped. Her mom also accused producers of encouraging a violent and combative atmosphere to attract viewers.”

Abby Lee Miller insists that Dance Moms hasn’t been canceled, but so far, nothing has been confirmed for sure.

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