April 3, 2017
WWE News: The Shield Not Set To Officially Reunite For A Very Long Time

At WWE Tribute to the Troops, fans were excited to see a segment with all three members of The Shield standing side by side, so many rightfully wondered if WWE had plans to reunite the team soon. Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns all have had great singles careers since leaving The Shield. Everyone assumed this would occur but WWE did not let us down and neither did these three men.

Roman Reigns has three WWE World Title victories and a US Title to his credit. Seth Rollins has a Money in the Bank win, US Title, and two WWE World Titles himself. Then Dean Ambrose, who many assumed would get the shaft compared to the first two, has been doing well since The Shield ended as well. He also has a Money in the Bank win, two IC Titles, and one WWE World Title victory to his credit.

Both Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose went No. 1 and No. 2 in the WWE Draft this summer, with both men helping to lead their respective brand. Reigns would continue to do well with the WWE RAW brand, but others have managed to take over the main event scene instead of The Guy himself. Many believe that the only way to get Reigns back on track where fans could get behind him might be a reuniting of The Shield.

Shield ends
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With their segment this past week, the world got to talk about it more and more. Now rumors are surfacing about a possible return of the team, however, those rumors are not from the WWE or people within it. Rather, this seems to come from speculative websites and fan-boards who want to see the return so badly that they are sending out rumors about the trio returning to hope the buzz would force WWE's hand.

Will WWE bring back The Shield? Obviously, in the future, this is going to happen in WWE. There is still money in bringing them back together for an extended period of time. However, the money also in seeing them work in the singles world as well. Clearly, with all three being former World Champions, it should come as completely obvious that WWE sees them all as useful to the singles world and not as a faction at this point.

Sure, there could always be a formation for one night only that comes at a random WWE event like Survivor Series or the Slammy Awards that are dual-branded. However, an extended reuniting will not happen anytime soon due to one simple thing, the brand split. WWE would have to move Dean Ambrose to WWE RAW or both Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns to WWE SmackDown Live. Neither things will occur.

Shield AJ Styles
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The plan has been to put Dean Ambrose in the Edge or Randy Orton role for SmackDown Live, meaning he may be a blue brand lifer as its top face or heel. Being the number two overall pick, but first for the blue brand pretty much proves this point. Meanwhile, there have been rumors of moving AJ Styles to WWE RAW and Seth Rollins to SmackDown Live in recent weeks once the WWE Draft returns.

It is highly unlikely that a trade will ever occur where The Shield members are all put back together on the same brand. All three bring something special to the singles world, and WWE knows it. They want to exploit this and use them as much as they can here before they can't get anything else out of them. All are still early in their careers too, so expecting WWE to not make these three men the top singles acts in the business is crazy.

All of this being said, WWE will not put The Shield back together on an official basis at any point. It will only be for short periods, if that. Therefore, all the rumors on fan run websites and social media demand won't bring the team together officially for a long time. Due to this, should we continue to see speculation when it is obvious that WWE does not have plans for this? The answer is no, which means fans should move on to something that has more hope in happening, like Reigns turning heel or something.

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