On 'Southern Charm,' Landon Still Has Done Nothing With Her Travel Blog

When fans left off last year on Southern Charm, Landon and Thomas Ravenel were insisting that Kathryn Dennis was paranoid and that they were just friends. Well, this season on Southern Charm, Landon and Thomas are hooking up and attempting to be a couple. But perhaps diving into this new relationship is why Landon will still have nothing to talk about at the reunion when it comes to her big business venture, which is a travel magazine, or blog that she calls Roam.

Last season on Southern Charm, Landon professed her love for Shep, and he shook her off, but then fans found out that Landon went on a Valentine's Day trip to New York with Thomas Ravenel that was meant for Kathryn, states the Inquisitr. Both Landon and Thomas said that they innocently stayed in one hotel room in New York, but it seems Season 4 of Southern Charm will cast some serious doubt on that assertion. At the end of Season 3, Landon seemed to have no romantic or business prospects, but she claimed that she was traveling (with Shep) to get material for her blog, Roam.

Liz Farrell of the Island Packet says that on Southern Charm, Landon has once again hit a dead end and will once again face the utter embarrassment she felt when she had nothing to show Lockhart Steele from Vox. It's been over a year since her second cringe-worthy meeting with Steele, and no progress has been made.


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Farrell jokes that Landon has made it okay for anyone who uses a made-up project to justify what they are doing in their free time.

"Landon, your online travel magazine Roam has inspired me and countless others. You have paved the path so that future generations of women won't feel so ashamed when they reply 'Ummmm....' to questions like 'How's that online travel magazine of yours that I invested very heavily in last year?' That's right. She has done nothing on this site."

It seems that when you go to Landon's site and sign up "to be the first to know," you get a message that the site will launch in fall of 2016.

"Thank you for subscribing! ROAM is set to launch in the fall of 2016. We look forward to sharing our adventures with you. xo, Landon & Anna"

But Farrell says that everyone is still charming on Southern Charm, and that includes Landon, even when she is lying about hooking up with Thomas Ravenel.

"We know you did, Landon, because obviously."
And when talking about Southern Charm, Landon seems to be a force that brings people together, especially when talking about her "projects" that never materialize, says Reality Tea, but not in a good way. The site says when talk turns to Landon's blog, Roam, all that anyone hears are crickets. Whether it's her voice, her personal style, or her desperation to get it together on any level, the comments pertaining to Landon are incredibly harsh.

After last year's reunion of Southern Charm, Landon, with a straight face, told Bravo's Andy Cohen that she had two planned trips to document for her travel blog, and she was taking Shep with her.

"Shep and I are heading down to a wedding on Virgin Gorda on Wednesday and that will be the next location we roam to."

But the readers weren't buying it.

"It's that time of the year where we all come together and celebrate our mutual hate/dislike of Landon ❤"

Others mentioned that with a nation divided, at least everyone can agree on how they feel about Landon.

"Landon sucks... She's dull... Has terrible style and zero personality... Get her off the show... The woman has never worked a day in her life... Then she wants sympathy... I'm not one to give life advice but b**ch get it together."
Do you think that Landon will ever get her business up and running, or is it a front to meet men on Southern Charm?

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