Man Looks To Buy Socks Using A Fake $100 Bill Depicting Lincoln Rather Than Franklin

A Rhode Island native looked to purchase socks from his local Target store with a counterfeit $100 bill. However, she was caught red-handed when it was quickly noted that the note depicted Abraham Lincoln rather than Benjamin Franklin.

Dana Leland of Central Fall had attempted to use these fake banknotes in the North Attleboro, Massachusetts on three consecutive days to buy several items, which included socks that only amassed to a price of around $25.

Leland was arrested on Wednesday in Rhode Island after an officer from his hometown was able to recognize the assailant from a photo that had been released by police. He is currently being held on a $1,000 bail, and he has pleaded not guilty to three charges of possessing a counterfeit note.

Leland’s attorney, Lynn Porecca, has stated that her client has a history of alcohol and drug issues and has also had an untreated mental problems whilst the 29-year-old has a record of similar crimes in the area too.

This isn’t the first time that Lincoln’s head has incorrectly been added to American currency. Thirty-seven-year-old Scott Martin of Mesa, Arizona was arrested in February 2008 after he looked to buy a watch with a fake $100 with honest Abe’s face plastered across it.

Unfortunately, Martin soon became enraged at the store owner’s refusal to sell him the product with the proprietor then forced to taser the individual in order to calm him.

Just like Leland, Martin had a history with drugs and admitted that he’d swallowed a bag of meth before shopping. Leland will report to court on December 11.