WWE News: Daniel Bryan Health Update — Is He Getting Ready To Wrestle Again?

WWE Smackdown Live General Manager Daniel Bryan has been officially retired from the ring for a year now, but many want to see him return. Is he actually planning a comeback to the squared circle? Daniel Bryan has been out of the ring for more than a year, but WWE Chairman Vince McMahon ended up calling Bryan this time last year, telling him that he needed to retire now rather than later.

Bryan had been attempting a WWE comeback for the entire time, and many doctors had cleared him to return to the ring. However, WWE’s personal doctor would refuse to clear him to return to the ring, as he felt that Daniel had suffered too many concussions in his time as a wrestler. Another major head-shot could result in Bryan having a problem with his livelihood for years to come. WWE did not want that naturally, so they pretty much forced the retirement.

This led to Daniel Bryan asking for his release from WWE, as he felt if he could not get back in a WWE ring, he could get back in another ring somewhere in the world. He actually made a huge deal for himself, according to the Wrestling Observer, that saw him already commit to a full-time pro-wrestling schedule with Ring of Honor, New Japan Pro-Wrestling, and CMLL. Of course, all three are partners, so things worked out pretty well there.

Daniel Bryan SD GM
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WWE refused to let him out of his deal, so this plan to get back in the ring was over. Daniel Bryan’s WWE contract remained frozen, as he needed to take on another role with WWE in order to continue the contract that had two years left. This allowed for him to be the color commentator for the WWE Cruiserweight Classic and allowed him to be the WWE SmackDown Live GM.

The role on television continued, but many felt along the way he would still want to return to the ring. While he has been out of action, he has taken up a new passion: exercise, especially weight lifting. The weight-lifting aspect of his life may not be as well known as his wrestling side, but Daniel Bryan does seem to enjoy it enough.

Bryan continues to post a lot of videos online talking about working hard to be the best him he can be and other interesting things. Fans are seeing various videos of him working out as a sign. Many believe if Daniel Bryan is working out so often, he must be prepping for something and not just doing it because he likes to work out. Bryan was never known as a big time weight lifter when he was coming up in pro-wrestling before, but for a new style, he might need something.

Daniel Bryan Miz
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Due to Daniel teasing a new style when he was trying to make his comeback before, as it was a safer style to protect his head, many think if he returns he’ll need to get in shape to apply the style in the best possible way. That said, he will need to do exactly as he’s doing. This led fans to the wild thought that a comeback was happening. Add in The Miz and Bryan’s rivalry on television, and many think a return just for one match with Miz is gonna happen.

Sadly for fans, despite Daniel Bryan keeping himself in impressive shape and looking like he’s prepping for an in-ring return, he isn’t. Bryan enjoys working out, and he very well could be prepping for another competition in lifting, rather than an in-ring return. He is about to be a father for the first time, with his wife, Brie Bella, now coming dangerously close to giving birth to their daughter.

Daniel Bryan might stay out of the ring permanently because of the fact that he’ll be a dad and does not want to risk not being able to be a good father to his child and a good husband to his wife. Clearly, Bryan would love to get back in the ring and enjoy his passion. However, he and his wife have wanted a family for years too, and that passion is just as big for him. While fans might desperately want a comeback, it looks very unlikely that Daniel Bryan will ever do it. However, there is a possibility he could apply the YES! Lock to a former reality TV star at WrestleMania one day.

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