November 7, 2017
Samira Watkins: Navy Husband Dumps Pregnant Lover In Bayou On 'Forbidden: Dying'

Samira Watkins was two months pregnant when her married lover Zachary Littleton dumped her body in the bayou eight years ago. Her story will be revealed on Investigation Discovery's weekly crime series Forbidden: Dying for Love. Samira Watkins was a young mother who fell in love with a handsome Navy police officer. Unbeknownst to Watkins, her new lover was married with a child.

On this episode of Forbidden: Dying for Love, titled "The Girl with the Gold Earring," police investigators will describe the sordid details of how a love-struck single mother became the victim of a suave military man who was juggling multiple women.

Pensacola, Florida: November 2009: Pregnant Mother Disappears After Date With Boyfriend

Twenty-five-year-old Samira Watkins disappeared without a trace. Her family members told police that Samira was not the type of mother to leave her 5-year-old son without explanation. Her disappearance was discovered after her job notified the family that Samira never showed up for work.

Her sister, Sylvia, told investigators that Samira had asked her to babysit the night before so that she could visit her on-again-off-again boyfriend, Zachary Littleton, according to WJHG.

The Devil She Knew

Littleton, who seemed forthcoming during the first interview, told police that he had broken off the relationship with Samira Watkins the day before, stating that she wanted a serious commitment while it was only sex for him. His statements led police to believe that Samira was a clingy woman who had become infatuated with Littleton.

His words seemed believable, leading police to focus on Samira Watkins' former boyfriend, an abusive man who had just been released from prison after a two-year stint for domestic violence. However, when his alibi checked out, it left police without many leads.

The body of Samira Watkins was then discovered on the banks of the bayou by a pair of skiers. It was stuffed inside of a duffel bag. When detectives arrived and opened up the bag, they found her badly waterlogged remains. There was duck tape on her mouth and she was wearing only one gold earring.

An autopsy report confirmed that the victim had died from asphyxiation. And there was one more bombshell: she was also pregnant. Family members say that she was pregnant by only one man, Zachary Littleton. A police check of his background showed that he was married with a child.

During a search of his home, police found the missing gold earring, according to coverage on TV One's Fatal Attraction. Cell phone triangulation showed that Samira Watkins drove to his home.

Prosecutors alleged the crime happened this way.
  • After breaking it off with Samira Watkins, Zachary Littleton made several phone calls to Samira.
  • He lured her to his home under the guise of working things out and discussing the pregnancy.
  • When she arrived, he strangled her until she was unconscious.
  • He put tape on her mouth and then stuffed her inside of duffel bag.
  • After that, he drove to the Bayou Grande and dumped her body from the bridge.
  • He later dumped her car in another area, before calling a taxi to pick him up at the Waffle House.
  • A search of Zachary Littleton's computer showed that he planned the murder.
Here is one more eerie detail. Surveillance video at the Waffle House captured Zachary Littleton placing the call for the taxi cab. He was looking directly into the camera during that call.

The case is a tragic one. Before the murder of Samira Watkins, Zachary had a spotless record, and he obviously wanted to keep it that way. However, prosecutors alleged that Zachary's life was beginning to unravel.

  • Samira Watkins would never have had an abortion.
  • The affair was going to be found out, which would have ended his career in the Navy.
  • His wife, who was also in the Navy, was about to move to Pensacola to live with Zachary, Global Grind reported.
  • He could no longer juggle the other four women with whom he was having an affair.
Samira Watkins had just met Zachary Littleton when she became pregnant. She was hoping that he was her knight in shining armor. Instead, he proved to be the devil up close and personal. Family members say that Samira Watkins was her little boy's world. He was absolutely devastated by her disappearance and her death.

Zachary Littleton was found guilty of her murder and sentenced to life in prison. Some old photos of Samira Watkins can be found at her MySpace page.

Forbidden: Dying For Love airs this Friday night on Investigation Discovery. In a previous episode, the gay cop murder aired.

[Featured Image by Florida Department of Corrections]