Harry Styles’ Debut Album Is ‘Close,’ Confirms Sony Music CEO

Harry Styles has been working with Bruno Mars and Max Martin on new music, according to Just Jared Jr. The big news was revealed by British pop star Robbie Williams.

Williams sure knows how to send all Harry Styles’ fans, who’re craving to hear new music from the singer, into a frenzy. In his interview with the Belfast Telegraph, the “Feel” hitmaker revealed he had recently found out that the One Direction singer is working with Bruno Mars and Max Martin.

“Last year I tried to work with Bruno Mars – didn’t hear anything back. Tried to work with Max Martin – didn’t hear anything back. They literally didn’t return my calls.”

And then Williams stumbled across Harry Styles at an airport and found out the One Direction member was working on new music. When the pop star asked Styles who was he working with, he revealed he had “just spent a week” with Mars and was about to spend another week with Martin.

“I think Harry Styles has beguiled the whole world just by being Harry Styles. He’s got a David Beckham-style quality. So he’s won in that regard.”

While Williams admits that’s there’s definitely “space” for Harry Styles and his solo career, he says his music “has to be great.” Max Martin is famous for his work with such big stars as Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Maroon 5, The Weeknd, and many others. So the fact that Harry Styles is working with Martin is actually huge news!

And now it seems that Style’s debut album could be released any day now. MTV reported that Rob Stringer, the CEO of Sony Music, released a statement in which he confirmed that Harry Styles’ debut album is “close.”

“We have a record we’re incredibly excited about and it’s not far away from being ready.”

The One Direction singer’s fans have been waiting for news of the upcoming debut album for months now, so have been keeping themselves busy looking at pics allegedly showing Styles “walking the runway at the Victoria’s Secret show,” according to the Sun.

So is Harry Styles now the new Victoria’s Secret model? When pictures showing the singer wearing a pair of angel wings allegedly strutting down the catwalk in Paris surfaced on the Internet, his fans couldn’t believe it was actually happening: that Styles was focusing on a modeling career.

But no, he’s not. No matter how exciting it would be to see Harry Styles launch his modeling career and becoming one of the Victoria’s Secret angels, it’s not happening. At least not now. The photos in question were actually old images of the singer during 2015’s One Direction tour.

What gave away Harry Styles were his long locks on the images. The singer now has shorter hair, so no, Styles hasn’t become the new Victoria’s Secret angel.

Although One Direction fans quickly dismissed the notion that Harry Styles could be the new Victoria’s Secret angel, a clip showing the singer strutting down the catwalk in angel wings still managed to become a huge hit on the Internet.

The photos were taken during One Direction’s On The Road Again Tour tour in March, 2015, in Johannesburg, South Africa. Interestingly, even his One Direction bandmate Liam Payne noted that Harry Styles looked like a Victoria’s Secret angel.

In a clip taken during the show, Payne is heard telling Harry Styles, “Harry, you look like a Victoria’s Secret angel.” While Styles didn’t actually walk the catwalk during the latest fashion show in Paris, his ex-girlfriend Kendall Jenner did.

[Featured Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]