'Alaskan Bush People': Matt, Bam, & Noah Brown Relationship Rumors Run Rampant

Relationship rumors are running rampant about the relationship statuses of three of the Alaskan Bush People brothers. Ever since Alaskan Bush People aired on the Discovery Channel nearly three years ago, fans have been curious about whether or not any of the Brown boys will ever leave the Alaskan bush to marry and start families of their own. As Alaskan Bush People shared a preview on Tuesday of this season's finale episode, fans are once again stirring up rumors that Matt, Joshua "Bam Bam," and Noah Brown are all married, with Matt reportedly having two children from a previous marriage.

A short clip of the finale episode for the current season of Alaskan Bush People opens with Noah Brown, 26, asking his girlfriend, Rhain Alicia, if she plans to stick with him. The preview, that's posted on the Alaskan Bush People official Twitter account, teases fans with the short 16-second video clip by saying there could be an addition to Browntown "in the #AlaskanBushPeople season finale" on Wednesday. Of course, fans of Alaskan Bush People are wondering if Noah is going to ask Rhain to marry him and move to Browntown for the "long-term."

Rumors have been swirling for awhile that Noah and Rhain are already married, as previously reported by Radar Online. Not even three weeks ago, reports surfaced that Noah and Rhain had a secret wedding in Las Vegas, especially after photos of the couple appeared online of Rhain wearing a gold ring on her left hand. Rumors of a secret wedding began to run rampant a week after Rhain Alicia, whose birth name is really Ruth Alisha Merrill, made her debut on Alaskan Bush People, but Noah and Rhain had reportedly already been serious for months.

After Noah Brown asks how people would react to Rhain living in Browntown, the teaser video clip goes on to say that the season finale of Alaskan Bush People airs Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET on the Discovery Channel. Followers of Alaskan Bush People immediately jumped into the comments to add their thoughts about Noah and Rhain's relationship status, with some saying that they're happy for the couple and hope it works out for them and others saying that it will be difficult for them to live in Browntown, since it's reportedly just a set for the reality TV series.
"Most likely Noah and Ruth (now legally changed to Rhain) got married last year while they were in Vegas."

"That would be kinda weird seeing as how Browntown is just a television set...I imagine they will just go back home to Seattle when they are through filming."

But the consensus seems to be that Noah has genuine feelings for Rhain, and the relationship doesn't seem fake, unlike Noah's previous relationship with Karryna Kauffman, an actress and model from California who was allegedly cast for the role as Noah's date for an episode of Alaskan Bush People. Radar Online goes on to share that Naoh isn't the only Brown brother with a "new lady," referring to Joshua "Bam Bam" Brown's relationship status with Allison Kagan. The Inquisitr previously reported that Kagan is a producer that the Discovery Channel hired to film Alaskan Bush People.
Rumors have also been swirling for a while that Joshua, 32, and Allison are married, especially after photos began to surface on social media in August 2016 of "Bam" wearing an alleged wedding ring. One photo, posted on a Joshua "Bam Bam" Brown Facebook fan page, addressed the marriage question, saying that fans had been asking if "Bam" got married, "since there's a ring on his wedding finger in this picture." The post goes on to add that "Bam" wears that same ring in other photos, but often on different fingers. To clear up any confusion, Joshua "Bam" Brown actually took to his own Facebook account last month, giving a shout out to the strong women in his life, including his girlfriend.
"In case you guys haven't heard yet, Joshua confirmed himself that he is NOT married to Allison. They are dating but not married. For those who are just tuning into the series, Allison is a Discovery producer."
Another Alaskan Bush People Facebook page recently shared a photo of Matt Brown wearing what also appears to be a wedding ring. The photo was posted three days ago, asking if anyone noticed the wedding ring Matt was wearing in one shot of the last episode of Alaskan Bush People. Some fans say that the ring doesn't mean that Matt is married, but a rumor started on social media recently claims that Matt is actually married, with two children.

Reality TV Scandals did publish an article nearly two years ago of Matt posing with two children in a photo. However, the article confirms that the two children belong to Matt's previous girlfriend, Heather Bagayas. According to Heather, she dated Matt for a little while in 2006 and then again for about five months in 2014, adding that her children are from a previous seven-year marriage. Matt Brown isn't rumored to be dating anyone at the moment, and no one seems to know for sure if the oldest Brown family son has ever been married, but "marriage licenses are public record," so if any of the Alaskan Bush People brothers ever did, in fact, get married, "a public records search should turn something up."

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