Paula Broadwell Allegedly Wanted To Give General Petraeus A Bike Ride With Lance Armstrong For His Birthday

Paula Broadwell allegedly wanted to treat General David Petraeus to a bike ride with Lance Armstrong for his birthday. The ex-CIA director’s supposed lover reportedly asked her Facebook friends if anyone could introduce her to the cyclist in advance of the General’s 60th birthday celebration.

Broadwell went allegedly went running with Armstrong in July and told multiple friends that she wanted to organize a celebratory “celebrity workout,” according to Yahoo News. According to Time magazine, the 40-year-old woman was seeking a gift suited to the momentous birthday milestone. The supposed couple were born 20 years and two days apart.

In the day leading up to their birthdays, Paula reportedly tweeted that she and Lance Armstrong had gone for “1V1” run. The retired four-star general is allegedly quite the fitness nut who would have likely enjoyed peddling alongside the once renowned bicycle racing star.

General Petraeus supposedly talked Paula out of a run for the Senate in North Carolina when approached by potential campaign donors. Political aspirations have long swirled around the accomplished general as well.

General Petraeus allegedly told Broadwell that her views on gay marriage, climate change, and gun control would not fit with either the Republican or Democratic Party and that she should not “sell herself out.” The supposed mistress reportedly once mocked a Drudge Report claim that Mitt Romney was considering the general as his running mate.

The Washington Examiner notes that Broadwell tweeted this to the Drudge ReportTwitter page:

“Your speculation about Petraeus as a Romney VP pick is full of non-truths. But I guess you figured that out!”

General Petraeus and Paula Broadwell reportedly ended their alleged affair sometime during June or July.