Harrison Ford Video: Plane Misses Runway – Some Say Ford, 74, Should Stop Flying

Now that the video of Harrison Ford accidentally landing on a taxiway instead of a live runway has been made public, the actor’s fans are loudly voicing their opinions about Ford’s close call once again as a famous pilot. According to TMZ, Ford’s taxiway landing can be seen in multiple viewpoints in the video above.

The video was taken on Monday and will be used in the FAA investigation into why Harrison did not land on the correct runway at John Wayne Airport in Orange County. The video shows that Harrison accidentally flew his single engine yellow Husky plane over an American Airlines 737plane with 116 people onboard. Those 116 souls escaped disaster when Ford missed the runway and landed on the taxiway instead.

According to a man who took a photo displayed on TMZ, Ford “completely misjudged the runway” and was not in the correct position for a proper landing. The man who captured the photo of Harrison landing his plane had himself just landed at the airport on a different commercial flight, and he saw fit to snap the pic as he waited inside the terminal looking for his friend. The man said he quickly took the photo with his smartphone, because he thought Ford might crash his plane, after seeing that the Star Wars actor had “banked really sharp” in the small single-engine plane that was “very close to the ground” and “hit hard” on the taxiway.

According to the publication, the ramp agent in the photo appeared to be shocked as he watched Ford’s plane landing on the taxiway. Ford had been cleared to land on a short runway. However, it is a clear FAA violation, according to NBC News, to land like Harrison landed on a parallel taxiway. The landing at such a complex airport requires lots of concentration, according to flight experts, and some fans are venting on social media that it might be time for the 74-year-old to quit flying, especially in light of Ford’s accident in his plane two years ago.

The publication notes Ford’s conversation with the air traffic controller after landing.

Harrison: “Was that airliner meant to be underneath me?”

Controller: “You landed on taxiway C.”

Just two years ago, Ford suffered injuries on what was blamed on engine failure, as Harrison explained on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

“I was aboard the plane and it crashed — I didn’t.”

NBC News didn’t get a comment from Harrison on the latest accident, however, the publication notes that Ford is revered as an excellent pilot. That hasn’t stopped Harrison’s fans from making GIFs and memes like the following relating Ford’s flying skills to his movie roles.

As seen in the below photo from March 5, 2015, Harrison’s World War II-era plane crash-landed on the Penmar Golf Course, a move that experts claim saved lives when Harrison steered the plane onto the empty section of the course in the Venice region of Los Angeles.

Investigators discovered that an issue with a carburetor part on the plane flown by Ford caused the vintage airplane’s engine to fail and the plane to crash. The NTSB determined that the cause of the crash was most likely due to a loosened main metering part that caused too much fuel to flow and a loss of engine power to occur in Harrison’s plane.

harrison ford
[Image by Damian Dovarganes/AP Images]

Meanwhile, folks on social media are leaving comments like the ones below about Harrison’s flying days.

Anne M: “Why does this nut still have his license?? I mean how many accidents does he have to get in to prove he shouldn’t have gotten it in the first place. I’m assuming were just waiting for him to kill somebody.. You don’t fly over planes which are taxi-ing to take off.”

beech baron: “This was the only one that was entirely his fault. First crash was in a helicopter while training – fault lies with him AND his flight instructor. Second was due to wind gusts on takeoff, and the third at Santa Monica was because of a loose engine part. People don’t lose their license just because of an accident – unless of course they’re the sole cause of the accident/incident.”

elTorpedo: “He’s also twice rescued stranded hikers in his helicopter.”

[Featured Image by Damian Dovarganes/AP Images]