Bizarre Stunts Attempted During Guinness World Records Day 2012

Guinness World Records Day 2012 is the eighth time such an even was hosted by the book’s staff. On November 15, more than 420,000 people from around the world will attempt to celebrate the spirit of the book by engaging in athletic, intellectual, and even downright wacky endeavors.

The Guinness World Records became the bestselling copyright book around the globe in 2004. A real-time blog was created on the Guinness website to offer updates on the record attempt as they happen around the world.

One of the first records broken on Thursday was by 15-year-old Lachlan Phelps. He broke his prior record for holding the longest didgeridoo note ever achieved. He held the note for a reported 65.66 seconds.

Highlights of the annual event include Olympic hopeful Kenichi Ito’s 100 meter crawl on all fours in 17.47 seconds – making him the fastest man on four legs. Ito is hopeful that his sport will one day become a category in the Olympics, according to Yahoo News.

A group of 28 British women surpassed their previous record by pushing themselves inside a British classic Mini. The London Guinness World Records breaker was conducted to aid Children in Need.

Majit Singh, from the United Kingdom, will try to break the record for the heaviest weight lifted by both eye sockets. The current record is 23.5 kilograms. Singh first claimed notoriety when displaying his ability to pull a double decked bus by his ears.

On Guinness World Records Day a group of 400,000 school children will reportedly try to become the world’s fastest “stackers” by building pyramids out of plastic cups. Some of the more unusual record-breaking attempts include trying to spin a basketball on a toothbrush and surpassing the current number of underpants worn by a single person.