Surface Pro 5 Release Date To Be Announced Soon, Specs And Features Here

Microsoft may have accidentally confirmed the existence of the Surface Pro 5, which remained just a rumor until an employee of the tech giant seems to have leaked the tablet. Described as one of the “devices of the future,” the Surface Pro 4 successor was mentioned alongside HoloLens and Xbox in the said employee’s LinkedIn profile.

The LinkedIn profile of the unnamed employee has now been edited to exclude the details, but not before eagle-eyed h0x0d was able to take a screenshot, Windows Central reports.

Although Microsoft is tight-lipped when it comes to its future devices, especially those coming from the Surface line, the Surface Pro 5 has long been believed to be arriving. It was previously rumored to be coming last year, but now speculations suggest that it will be released this year.

Surface Pro 5 may finally be released this year

The LinkedIn leak only cemented the belief, but that’s about everything that’s known about the Surface Pro 5. According to popular rumors, the tablet will be unveiled simultaneously with Surface Book 2 and possibly with the Windows 10 Creators Update.

The said update or Redstone 2, as it is called, will be released in April this year. It is suspected that the Surface devices will be revealed sporting the newest features of the OS, so a March reveal with an April launch date is expected for them as well.

Another piece of information that could be hinting to the imminent arrival of the Surface Pro 5 in the next couple of months is the removal of the Pro 3 from Microsoft’s online stores. TechRadar reports that Microsoft could be making room for the upcoming releases, thus fulfilling its promise of discontinuing the 2014 tablet, albeit silently.

The Surface Pro 4 has also been receiving a lot of discounts these past few weeks. The latest offer had the Intel Core i5 device with 256GB internal storage priced at only $1,049, which is $150 less than the original price.

Lesser variants also received a huge discount – the Intel Core m3 version with only 128GB storage is also down from $899 to $699. Other versions have not received discounts. The internet was quick to speculate that Microsoft is now disposing of Surface Pro 4 stocks for the same reason as terminating the sales of the Pro 3 – to make room for the newest Surface Pro 5.

Specs and features we can expect

Surface Pro 4 with Windows 10 at a Microsoft event
[Image by Andrew Burton/Getty Images]

As for the Surface Pro 5, pricing is currently unknown, but it should not go too far from its predecessor’s launch price. It is expected to sport the latest Kaby Lake CPU. Rumors also say that it will have a Qualcomm Snapdragon SoC for a better battery life. But seeing that the tablet will probably launch with different variants, different processors can be expected onboard.

PCGamer also suggests that they may be two screen choices: one with 2K and one with 4K resolution. The Surface Pro 5 RAM should be bumped up as well with the highest option at 16GB and the other variants with 8GB or even 4GB.

Additionally, the USB Type-C port should make its first Surface appearance in the upcoming iteration of the tablet. Other ports are expected to stay the same.

Of course, the Surface Pro 5 will carry Windows 10 with all new features. It would not be a surprise if customers were given the option to buy a mini version of the Surface Dial, which you can see in action below. The trusted and probably improved Pen will come with the unit, though.

There’s a chance that Microsoft might offer a sneak peek or even a full reveal of the Surface Pro 5 in the upcoming MWC 2017 in Barcelona. Tune in on February 27 to March 2 for Microsoft updates.

[Featured Image by Andrew Burton/Getty Images]