Sterling K. Brown Needs Papa Pearson’s Excuse Note After Latest ‘This Is Us’ Ep

In yet another emotional episode of This Is Us, it looks like even Sterling K. Brown could not hold back his tears. Moments after the episode entitled “Memphis” aired, Sterling went on Facebook Live to discuss the devastating death scene he had just watched. His broadcast, of course, included what majority of This Is Us fans experienced while watching the episode—tears, lots and lots of it.

“I’ve seen this episode a few times now, and it still gets me. I’m proud of this show. I’m proud of the work. I’m so happy to be a part of something like this. I’ve been doing this for a while and these kinds of opportunities don’t come along all the time,” Brown said tearfully. “It means the world to me that I get to do this for a living.”

Sterling also gave a shout out to co-actor Ron Cephas Jones, who plays his biological father, William. Revealing that Jones doesn’t have a Facebook account, he urged his screen father to get on social media so that he himself would find out just how much his fans appreciate and love him.

Sterling K Brown convinces "This Is Us" co-actor Ron Cephas Jones to join social media
Sterling K. Brown urges his 'This Is Us' co-actor to join social media. [Image by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images]

Sterling went emotional as he expressed his gratitude to fans on social media. He revealed that the This Is Us cast and crew did not expect this massive popularity that the show is enjoying now. The actor said that he was proud that the show moves and touches people, which is evident in how the fans are responding to each episode.

“You know it’s not my goal to bring you to tears. It happens to be a byproduct of what we do. Tears do happen to come, but I want you to feel connected, and recognize that we’re all in this together; that no man or woman is an island unto themselves,” Brown said. He further urged his fans to reconnect with their family and friends that they have lost contact with.

“Let them know how much you love them, and how much you care, because tomorrow is not a promise. You [have to] let the people know—while they’re here—how much they’re appreciated.”

Sterling shared his own experience of losing an uncle to cancer. While there may be miracles for some in the fight against the debilitating disease, he said that he wanted those affected by, and those who suffer from the loss of a loved one, to feel that they were not alone. He lightened the moment by saying that the fans were “making a black boy blush,” but it wasn’t showing onscreen because he had “too much melanin” in his body. Sterling K. Brown might actually be Randall Pearson in real life.

Sterling K Brown with the "This Is Us" cast
[Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]

Just recently, Milo Ventimiglia provided a warning on Twitter about what to expect from the recent episode. True to form and somehow channeling Jack Pearson, the This Is Us patriarch wrote a sick note for fans to give to bosses and/or school teachers on Wednesday morning.

“Dear Sir/Madame, Please excuse _____ from work/school today, Wednesday. Last night was a very emotional episode of This Is Us. Thank you, Papa Pearson,” said Ventimiglia’s note. And as always, Papa Pearson is right. Fan reactions poured in on Twitter after the emotional episode.

This fan, though, echoes what everyone must be scared of right now. Jack Pearson’s own death.

But a father’s death in one season should be enough. It is probably not yet the time for another heartbreak since This Is Us has been renewed for two more seasons. Fans should probably stack up on tissues, then. We’ve got two more years of an emotional roller coaster to ride on.

There are two more episodes left in Season 1. The last episode before the show’s first season ends will air on March 14 on NBC.

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