‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Season 4 Cast: Confirmed Contestant Given Second Chance

It’s months away until Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 premieres, but talk about who’s going to appear on the show is already in full swing. One contestant is returning to the show, getting a second chance that hopefully will be more successful than his last season of BiP!

Chad Johnson spoke with Entertainment Tonight‘s Lauren Zima in a Live Facebook interview on Monday to share a lot of interesting news. In catching up with the “Bad Chad,” it was revealed that he’ll be back on Bachelor in Paradise in 2017 for Season 4.

The embattled Bachelor in Paradise reality star confirmed to ET that he’ll be a cast member for Season 4 — saying he “already agreed to do it.”

Will Johnson take a different approach than he did in Season 3 of BIP? It seems that he learned his lesson from last year.

“That’s the plan. [I’d want to] have fun, but not too much fun. Try not to black out, try not to get kicked off. Do not scream at Chris Harrison, [and] watch out for the crabs. And actually try to get on a date with the girls I am interested in.”

As for being inebriated and behaving intolerably with fellow Bachelor in Paradise contestants, Chad Johnson declares that he’s paid a price for his actions.

“I have only drank twice this year… I don’t want to do the blacking out thing anymore. [My] real estate career is tanked, it’s gone. I guess people thought I was murder-y.”

Johnson made some dark threats against some other Bachelorette contestants during his season by “joking” that he’d do harm to them or their families. He confesses that it hasn’t been easy living down his villain reputation. He admits it was “fun” being a villain, but “having to explain yourself every day gets old.”

Chad Johnson spills that he’s interested in one of Nick Viall’s girls on The Bachelor and there’s a good chances she’ll appear on the Season 4 cast of Bachelor in Paradise.

[Warning Bachelor spoilers ahead]

The Bachelor 2017 season with Nick has one polarizing contestant who’s pegged to be part of the Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 cast when she gets eliminated, which is going to happen during the continuation of hometown dates next Monday. Chad shares that he’s been communicating with Corinne Olympios, the villain in Nick’s cast. He’s been texting her and is interested in getting to know her more.

Chad reveals that he’s watching The Bachelor because he wants to see what women he’d be interested in dating — many of whom are likely candidates for the BIP Season 4. He understands what Corinne is going through on the show.

When it comes to Corinne, Johnson reveals that he knew what being the villain would be like for her. He offered comfort by reaching out to her.

“She was probably going through this all alone, and you think no matter how hard-headed you are… I knew people were probably just tearing her down, so I just wanted to let her know, like, ‘Try not to look at it, let it pass. It will slow down.'”

Chad goes on to say that in the beginning Corinne was handling everything well then started to feel the heat a few weeks later. She texted him to say things were “getting kind of tough,” but now she’s doing well and isn’t concerned about what anyone thinks.

Calm in chaos ????

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Chad is happy about going back on BiP because he thinks it’s the only place he’ll find a woman who understands what he’s been through in the reality show world. It’s one of those things that only someone else who’s been through the same experience can truly relate to him.

Don’t be surprised to learn that Corinne will join Chad on the Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 cast line up! Are you happy to hear that Chad is returning?

Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 premieres later this summer on ABC.

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