Melania Trump’s ‘Shudder’ At Husband’s Touch During Speech Analyzed By Expert

Melania Trump’s “shudder” at her husband’s touch during her speech in Melbourne, Florida is being analyzed by a body language expert. The first lady opened her husband’s rally on Saturday before leading with the Lord’s Prayer. It didn’t go without something being reported as off, however. Her demeanor was closely examined by many on social media, and an apparent “shudder” she showed is getting a lot of buzz. For the third weekend in a row, Mrs. Trump’s body language was up for speculation.

Looking elegant in a red dress, Melania was introduced to the podium by her husband to speak a few words before leading the audience into a prayer. When she stepped up to the microphone, she was visibly nervous, but quickly found her groove. She executed a great speech, but a lot of chatter soon followed about the moment her husband touched her on the arm while she was speaking. This has a lot of people talking about the state of the Trumps’ marriage once more.

Body language expert, Judi James, weighed in on what Melania Trump’s “shudder” might signal. James’ insight was published in the Mirror and reveals that President Trump gave the impression of “undermining” his wife while she was on-stage. The expert also compared the Trumps to the Obamas and how their relationships differ.

When Melania Trump began to relax and give her speech, James explains that it was that moment the president touched his wife.

“It was at that point that Trump patted her on her bare arm and the micro-gestures of her facial expression suggest the anxiety returned in an instant. Her eyes look down and it could look almost as though she shudders.”

The body language expert adds that “no signs of any easy-going PDAs” from the president and Melania Trump have been presented. Their “more deliberate rituals like hand-holding and touching that we saw in the early days appear to be getting rarer as Donald storms into Alpha mode using the kind of stand-alone poses and signals of a business tycoon keen to prove who is boss.”

James says “tie-signs” are absent with the couple. The term defines small, but significant gestures couples use to communicate when they’re in public or social situations. These include light touches, glances, and nods. Former President Barack Obama and his wife “communicating silently all the time,” James notes. The Obamas were comfortable displaying small gestures of affection with a soft touch or nod to each other.

President Trump is lacking “tie-signs” with his wife, James reveals. His body language during the first lady’s speech also exerted a sign of dominance and “undermined” her as she spoke on stage in Florida.

“By pacing behind her on the stage as she prepared to make her speech in Florida Donald would have been unknowingly undermining rather than boosting her confidence. Pacing implies impatience and when someone walks behind us we feel anxious because we can’t see them.”

The body language expert also surmises that Melania Trump may have needed her husband close by “to offer approval signals,” but when he pat her on the arm and she shuddered, it might be that it “come from nowhere.” James says the touch could’ve been a “message to get on with it as a sign of warmth and support.”

Judi James maintains that although phony PDA some politicians display with their spouses isn’t something people want to see, it’s strange that Melania Trump and her husband aren’t bonding more at this time.

“… As Trump hurtles on in his chariot of power, the visual disconnect with Melania does seem to be growing at a time when you’d normally expect to see them welded in mutual support.”

[Featured Image by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]