World War II Love Letters Wash Ashore After Hurricane Sandy

Love letters from World War II washed ashore in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. The romantic missives were written by a woman from New Jersey to her soldier boyfriend. A 14-year-old boy found the nearly 60 letters inside a box while taking a stroll along the sandy beach in Atlantic Highlands the day after the massive hurricane.

The lost WWII love letters detailed the life of Lynn Farnham and Dorothy Fallon from when the couple met in 1942 until the week they exchanged vows in 1948, according to Yahoo News. Farnham, a Vermont native, served in the Pacific during the second World War. The letters are believed to have floated down Shrewsbury River in the Rumson area into Sandy Hook Bay.

Kathleen Chaney began playing amateur detective to find the owners of the romantic letters as her son carefully attempted to dry the many pages of paper, WNBC-TV in New York reports. The family lost power during Hurricane Sandy, so the thoughtful teenage boy used the fireplace to dry the vintage paper. Chaney’s online search led to the discovery that Lynn Farnham has passed away in 1991.

Chaney had this to say about the WWII love letters:

“I wanted to return them to whoever they belong to. They’re beautiful. She obviously adored him.”

A niece of Dorothy Fallon Farnham’s contacted the letter finders and informed them that the 91-year-old was in poor health in Asbury Park. The teenage treasure finder noted that the letters will soon be back in the hands of their rightful owners.

Excerpts from the letters read:

“Well Darling, two weeks from today and we will be married. I don’t feel like sleeping so I thought I’d write you a few lines.”

All of the letters reportedly ended with some variation of these words:

“I love you dear and miss you very much. All my love always, Dottie.”

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