‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Bryan Craig Hints At Return As Morgan Corinthos

The General Hospital character of Morgan Corinthos was supposedly killed in a car explosion last fall after actor Bryan Craig decided that he was ready to leave the role. In true soap opera fashion, a body was never found, and viewers have been waiting for either a recast or a return by the actor ever since. Could this be coming together soon?

Bryan Craig decided that he was ready to leave General Hospital last year after three years in Port Charles. He decided not to renew his contract and he headed off to tackle some other projects. The actor has hinted via social media more than once that he would be interested in returning to the show and this talk sounded potentially serious at a recent fan event.

According to Soap Cities, Craig chatted with attendees at the GH Fantasy Weekend event in West Palm Beach, Florida this past weekend. During his time on stage with General Hospital cast members Laura Wright, William deVry, Hayley Erin, Finola Hughes, and Jeffrey Vincent Parise, Bryan mentioned that he was seriously interested in returning to the show and bringing his Corinthos character back from the dead.

Bryan Craig won a Daytime Emmy for his work on 'General Hospital' last year [Image by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP]

Craig reportedly said that he would love to head back to the show and he said that it depends on the story and the scheduling. He also noted that it would depend on where the General Hospital writers were headed with things and whether it made sense to bring Morgan Corinthos back into the mix of things in Port Charles.

Of course, the writers clearly left the door open to this possibility when they wrote out Bryan and the character of Morgan last fall. The fallout from this supposed Corinthos death is still shaking things up in Port Charles, as Jason, Curtis, and Sam are working on figuring out who was truly behind the car explosion and the not-so-dead Olivia Jerome is involved and setting up both her brother Julian and her sister Ava to look guilty during various stages of her revenge plans.

Carly and Sonny barely survived Morgan’s death and Kiki is only just now feeling ready to move on to try a romance with Dillon again. Ava has never been exposed for the pill switch she made that set the stage for Morgan’s demise and there have been hints sprinkled into various episodes pointing to the possibility that this Corinthos family member was still alive.

Bryan Craig's character of Morgan Corinthos was presumed dead on 'General Hospital' [Image by David Becker/Getty Images]

Could Craig be returning to General Hospital soon? Based on what Bryan said at this fan event, this it not a done deal as of yet by any means. As Soap Hub previously shared, the actor has hinted on social media before that he’d be interested in returning, but so far, it sounds as if this is still just in the theoretical stage. In addition, the show hasn’t said anything publicly one way or the other about whether they are looking to head in that direction.

Do General Hospital fans want to see Craig back as Corinthos? Online commentary certainly shows a mixed bag of responses on this front, with many anxious to see Morgan turn up alive and hoping to see Bryan reprise the role, while others think that the show should leave the character dead.

The series certainly wrote the actor’s exit with a storyline that left the door open, and they did the same kind of thing when Tyler Christopher left the role of Nikolas Cassadine last year. General Hospital spoilers tease that there is still plenty more to come regarding the Morgan Corinthos car explosion storyline, but viewers will have to stay tuned to see if that might include bringing Bryan Craig back to play the character again.

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