Jeremy Calvert And Brooke Wehr Split: Did He Cheat With A Producer?

Jeremy Calvert and Brooke Wehr have been on-again-off-again for the last few months. The two were engaged and it looked like they would be walking down the aisle in the near future. Unfortunately, Calvert is now single and boasting about it all over social media. It has been a chaotic weekend for the former couple on Instagram as they tried to one-up the other one vicious meme at a time.

Things got complicated between Jeremy Calvert and Brooke Wehr when he announced he was single on Instagram. That seemed to light a fire in her and she came back at him with a cheating meme. Wehr accused Calvert of sleeping with other girls while they were together, one of them being a producer from Teen Mom 2. She name-dropped the producer, and things spiraled out of control incredibly fast.

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Brooke Wehr has accused Jeremy Calvert of sleeping with Chelsea Houska’s producer, Mandi. This wasn’t too far-fetched for fans to believe because he spent time last summer in South Dakota for a job. In fact, Calvert hung out with Houska and Cole DeBoer at least once while he was in her state. When Wehr named Mandi as the producer she claimed slept with Calvert, Teen Mom 2 fans blew up her social media accounts with less than positive comments and words.

According to the Ashley, there has been confirmation that Jeremy Calvert did not sleep with the producer from MTV’s Teen Mom 2. While it is true that they have crossed paths, it was only a few times and always when there was a full crew around. A source confirmed that there was no foul play between Mandi and Calvert, but did allude to the fact that some crew members from the show have hooked up with friends of the stars. No juicy tidbits were revealed, but it was a solid confirmation that regardless of what evidence Brooke Wehr thinks she has on Calvert and Mandi, they did not have a sexual relationship.

When Jeremy Calvert first began airing on Teen Mom 2, fans really loved him with Leah Messer. It looked like they were going to succeed in their marriage and build a family. While they did end up having a daughter together, their marriage crumbled under the heavy pressure of the show and Calvert’s job. When Brooke Wehr came into the picture, things were tense with Messer. As time went on, things were easier and she allowed Calvert to take Adalynn to Ohio with him. There was some upset when this season began airing between Calvert and Wehr over editing issues. They argued but reconciled after Teen Mom 2 made it look like he said being engaged to her was no big deal when in reality he was talking about telling Messer about the engagement.

The news that Jeremy Calvert and Brooke Wehr are over is sad. The two were looking at launching a clothing line together and even had photos up before the drama happened over the weekend. Most of the memes have since been removed and the two have calmed down, but the damage has already been done. Mandi had to delete her social media accounts and since she wasn’t allowed to comment, back away from everything this weekend. The Teen Mom 2 fans attacked her full force and in a very brutal way. There will likely be no official comment made on the situation, but fans fully expect more drama between these two in the very near future. Jeremy Calvert and Brooke Wehr have several unresolved things between them and before they split for good, there will be more shade thrown by at least one of them.

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