NBA Trade Rumors: Derrick Rose To Mavs, Deron Williams & Andrew Bogut To Knicks

While NBA trade rumors for an All-Star player recently ceased after an actual trade, that hasn’t stopped other speculation from continuing. The latest rumors feature a pair of former All-Star guards who could be swapped along with a former Golden State Warriors big man. Could the New York Knicks send Derrick Rose to the Dallas Mavericks? The deal could work out based on one esteemed NBA sports writer’s opinion, as the Knicks continue to try to improve their roster for future success.

The New York Knicks have been part of NBA trade rumor central over the past several weeks. There was initial excitement when the team brought in brand new assets including Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah, and Brandon Jennings. Some NY fans believed this might be the new group of talent to help superstar Carmelo Anthony take things a step further. However, expectations haven’t really been met. The team is near contention for a playoff spot, but at this point getting past the first round seems highly unlikely. That could mean Phil Jackson and Knicks’ management look to move one or more of their stars ahead of the deadline this week.

Carmelo Anthony and Derrick Rose at Knicks press event
Carmelo Anthony and Derrick Rose have both been mentioned as potential trade candidates for the Knicks. [Image by Michael Reaves/Getty Images]

Writer and HBO show host Bill Simons of The Ringer recently came up with a few potential trades involving former NBA MVP Derrick Rose. The longtime Bulls guard plagued by injuries through his career has been a member of the Knicks for half a season now. Simmons indicates that Rose could possibly get shipped over to a struggling team out west, the Dallas Mavericks. In exchange, New York would pick up expiring contracts for guard Deron Williams and center Andrew Bogut.

As of the All-Star break, both New York and Dallas are sitting below.500 in their respective conferences. Both teams are near the bottom of a four-team or more race to try to grab their conference’s No. 8 spot. Just recently, New Orleans improved their chances at getting to the postseason with the big DeMarcus Cousins trade after the All-Star game. However, bringing Rose to the Mavs probably isn’t the smartest move for Dallas, which has Mark Cuban calling shots.

Rose is nowhere near his previous All-Star or MVP self due to his various injuries suffered. He’s done relatively well with the Knicks this season, averaging 16.4 points, 4.5 assists, and nearly four rebounds per game in 32.2 minutes a night. Those particular stats probably have many teams thinking they could bring him onto their roster to help improve the overall talent and depth of their squad. One could be the Dallas Mavs.

Deron Williams to NY Knicks in trade rumor
The Mavericks' point guard Deron Williams is a former NBA All-Star player. [Image by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images]

In Simmons’ proposed deal, Dallas would be giving up some decent assets just to acquire a player who is a shell of his former superstar self. Williams’ 6.8 assists per game currently lead the team. In addition, the former All-Star point guard who also played for the Utah Jazz and Brooklyn Nets is putting up over 13 points a night and grabbing about two to three boards. He was set back a bit with a toe injury, illness, and ejection treatment, but seems to be back on pace to help this team try to make a run.

Andrew Bogut has won a championship with the Golden State Warriors and can provide veteran experience to almost any team. He’s only scoring about three points a game but provides some good help in the front court with just over eight rebounds snatched per game and at least a shot blocked each contest. Bogut’s numbers may not be jaw-dropping but the veteran experience benefits any team looking to improve their roster for a playoff push.

A recent article by CBS Sports’ James Herbert points out the major reasons that a lot of teams may be reluctant to deal for Rose. Among the specifics are the fact that Rose’s age isn’t the best for any team looking to rebuild, the fact his defense leaves a bit to be desired, and of course, the price he’ll come with. Herbert mentions that Rose brings along $21.3 million in salary that a team would need to try to match in a trade. He’ll also be a free agent after the season and will be asking for quite a bit to re-sign.

The wildly proposed Derrick Rose trade to Dallas seems to be lacking, as Mark Cuban is too shrewd to part ways with the value of his two players here if he’s not going to get something good in return. Most likely, it’s getting to a situation where Cuban and the rest of the Mavs’ management will want to rebuild because Dirk Nowitzki is now at the tail end of his career. This team could contend for the playoffs, but smart money is that the Mavs will look to make some deals and go back to the drawing board.

In a bit of a more comical trade suggestion, Bill Simmons also says he would exchange Rose with the Brooklyn Nets. In return, Jeremy Lin would head back to the team where “Linsanity” was born. This trade probably has more potential to work out, but the reasoning behind it is pure evil. Simmons contends making the deal would probably help convince Carmelo Anthony to waive his “no-trade” clause so the Knicks could finally have their way.

With that said, the NBA trade rumors for the 2016-17 NBA season will only persist for just a few more days of the latest campaign. Fans will continue to wait in anticipation to see if their teams make some major moves or stand pat with what they already have on their rosters for now.

Basketball fans, will Derrick Rose or Carmelo Anthony be traded before the Thursday trade deadline for the NBA?

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