‘Samurai Warriors: Spirit Of Sanada’ Release Date For PS4, Steam In US Confirmed

Samurai Warriors: Spirit of Sanada, a new game from the popular line of hack-and-slash franchise of Samurai Warriors action series will be released in the Western countries. Koei Tecmo America confirmed the game, based on the heroic legend of the Sanada Clan, is headed to Sony PlayStation 4. The game will also be available for PC users through Steam.

Koei Tecmo America Corporation, a company that predominately works on video games and ensures that the games developed in Japan are published in the Western countries, confirmed that the latest offering in the much loved Samurai Warriors action series, Samurai Warriors: Spirit of Sanada, is headed to the United States. As part of the promotions, the company added that the first trailer that officially announces the arrival of the game will be released on May 23. The game will be available for the PlayStation 4 (PS4) computer entertainment system. It will also be made digitally available for PC users through the Steam platform that allows players to stream games.

Samurai Warriors: Spirit of Sanada is essentially a new adventure that is based on the heroic legend of the Sanada Clan. The Samurais in the Sanada Clan were reportedly one of the bravest and fiercest in the land of feudal Japan. Known for their lightning fast katana skills, the warriors believed in survival at all costs. Although ancient Japan had many Samurai clans that were legendary in their own right, the upcoming game focuses solely on the Sanada Clan.

Samurai Warriors: Spirit of Sanada Release Date In America And Europe Confirmed
[Image by Kazuhiro Echigoya/Samurai Warriors/Koei Tecmo]

The Sanada Clan’s most notable attribute was their strong sense of vigilance and insistence on ensuring the Sanada name remains forever etched in the history. Fans of the Samurai Warriors action series have long demanded a game that focused on this legendary clan and had made their request known to the developers on multiple occasions. Interestingly, gamers have demanded the inclusion of Masayuki Sanada, the patriarch of the Sanada Clan. Masayuki Sanada may be joining the game series for the first time, but his reputation goes far beyond the persona.

A Japanese Sengoku period lord and daimyō, Masayuki was the head of Sanada Clan. Despite leading a relatively tiny group of Samurais, he managed to establish himself as an independent daimyō under the Toyotomi regime. Besides being a skilled warrior, Masayuki is also famous for his use of diplomacy that he had to use very carefully amidst the powerful and deadly Tokugawa, Hojō, and Uesugi clans. However, fans will undoubtedly be eager to try out his military strategies that have been carefully chronicled and celebrated in multiple novels and films.

[Image by Kazuhiro Echigoya/Samurai Warriors/Koei Tecmo]

The player of Samurai Warriors: Spirit of Sanada will follow the great warrior’s first battle. Gamers are also expected to encounter Masayuki’s second son, Yukimura Sanada. Players will get to relive the meteoric rise of the Sanada Clan from the lowly vassals to powerful lords. Yukimura is widely popular among fans of Samurai, and players will be able to experience the journey of the legendary warriors’ right from their adolescence up to the time they are able to wage wars using all the elements. Yukimura’s famously known as the “The Crimson Demon of War,” and fans will be able to observe exactly how he was able to earn the fearsome title, besides witnessing some of the finest battles that skillfully combined the skills of the warriors with the acumen of a mentally strong strategist.

Those who pre-order Samurai Warriors: Spirit of Sanada, are expected to receive a bonus pack, which presumably will be in the form of Downloadable Content or DLC. The latest Samurai Warriors game will be available for pre-order on Amazon, Best Buy, EB Games, and GameStop. Early buyers of the game will receive a selection of five special costumes: the Kunoichi, Ina, Kai, and Chacha Sanada Colors Costumes, as well as the Kunoichi Special Costume, reported Anime News Network.

[Featured Image by Kazuhiro Echigoya/Samurai Warriors/Koei Tecmo]