‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sam And Liv Fight For Gun — Scout In Danger [VIDEO]

General Hospital spoilers from a brand new promo video show Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco) in peril because of the actions of Liv Jerome (Tonja Walker). All of this GH action goes down starting Friday, February 24 according to the latest General Hospital spoilers.

This all-new General Hospital video promo begins with Liv and Sam in Liv’s car on a snowy night in Port Charles. General Hospital spoilers from TV Source reveal that Sam decides Ava Jerome (Maura West) has been set up and she and Jason Morgan (Billy Miller) continue to investigate the bomb case.

Sam Fouls Up Liv’s Plans

This puts Sam in Liv’s line of fire on General Hospital. Sam knows Liv as the Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor of her mom Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn), but that’s far from the truth. Liv made Sam uncomfortable from the moment she met her when she told Sam she was resisting the urge to rub Sam’s pregnant belly then went to General Hospital to see Sam’s baby doc.

Liv has some deep seated psychological issues that are twisted up in her revenge scheme against Julian Jerome (William deVry), Anna Devane (Finola Hughes), and General Hospital itself. Liv has repeatedly threatened Julian’s loved ones, and now it seems the time has come for her to make good.

Sam Kidnapped By Liv

Sam is tracking down the real killer that ordered the car bomb that killed Morgan Corinthos (Bryan Craig), and this presents Liv an opportunity. Julian has been buying time with promises to secure General Hospital for his older sister. General Hospital spoilers promise he makes every effort to get the place for her.

However, the Qs are also trying to buy General Hospital to keep it open, and this sets Julian up for failure. This week, General Hospital spoilers reveal Julian is desperate and turns to Jason. They have a confrontation but then become a united front once they realize Sam was taken.

Sam Cracks The Bomb Case

Sam cracks the bombing case, but it’s too late because by then, General Hospital spoilers reveal, she’s already in Liv’s creepy clutches. Liv takes Sam for a long ride out of town, and they wind up on the bridge that’s been so pivotal in many storylines on General Hospital including Jason’s.

The General Hospital spoilers video shows Liv has her gun trained on Sam, but then Sam leaps into action and, despite being heavily pregnant, wrestles Liv for the gun. Liv is stunned and tries to get Sam to back off telling her, “Don’t make me hurt the baby.” That’s the last thing Liv wants.

Little Scout At Risk

The dark General Hospital spoilers video says Sam has “everything to lose” and she does. Jason realizes Sam has been kidnapped and is certain that the lady mobster has killed her. Julian will rush to reassure Jason that’s just not true.

Sam isn’t always as cautious as she needs to be about her pregnancy and General Hospital spoilers reveal this set of events will set in motion a frightening health crisis for Sam and baby Scout. Jason is on the prowl for Sam, but will he be the one to find her?

Franco Has A Part To Play

At a recent GH fan event, Franco actor Roger Howarth offered some mysterious General Hospital spoilers. He said he and Sam actress Kelly Monaco filmed some scenes recently where both were together and were hurt. This seems like Franco will join the hunt for Sam.

JaSam fans will hate if Franco is the one to save Sam and help the baby but General Hospital spoilers tease that might be how it goes down as part of the interwoven Franco redemption story. Franco needs to pay Sam back for the trouble he caused with little Danny. This may be how it’s done.

Sam Lives But In Medical Crisis

Sam makes it to General Hospital, but she’s hurt and winds up in a medical crisis while the baby will turn out just fine. Other spoilers indicate Jason sits vigil at her bedside at General Hospital with friends at his side, but it’s no consolation.

Jason will have a healthy baby but has to watch Sam struggle at General Hospital. The kidnapping goes down on Friday, February 24 but there is a lot of action in this story all week long according to the latest General Hospital spoilers.

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