‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood Scamming Customers With Her Online Boutique?

Amber Portwood is facing heated accusations that she scammed customers on her online boutique. A disgruntled buyer told Radar Online that the Teen Mom OG star refused to return items in full and displayed “unprofessional” customer service.

“I made a purchase, but the clothes didn’t fit,” the customer revealed. “I returned them, but it was a huge back and forth.”

The customer claims to have purchased over fifty dollars from the boutique, but none of the items fit. Instead of a clean return, Portwood made the buyer pay five dollars for each returned item and fifteen dollars for shipping. The reality star claims that none of her customers have ever wanted to return an item, which is contrary to the report.

“We received a package from you today. We had not received a response from you after we responded to your initial complaint so we we’re not expecting it. We still need a response from you since we about your return. We need to know how you would like us to process your return,” a customer service rep told the buyer.

The customer responded by writing, “Your return policy is very specific. It states, ‘After we receive your approved return items, we will initiate a refund to your credit card.’ You’ve acknowledged receipt of the items.”

The service rep then apologized for the confusion and promised to refund the stocking fee. The drama, however, didn’t end there. After the customer started tweeting about her negative experience, Portwood started firing back.

“The second I started tweeting, that’s when she started coming at me,” the customer explained. “She started threatening me with her lawyer because I’m defaming her character.”

The customer claims that Portwood released personal information about her and promptly emailed Portwood about the breach of confidentiality. “Do you realize you’re a professional company representing a well-known celebrity with hundreds of thousands of followers & you’re tweeting my private information?” she wrote. “My account has been deleted due to your unprofessionalism and reckless disregard for my privacy.”


Amber Portwood’s customer service rep denied doing anything wrong and claims that they used social media only as a means of communication. “We simply responded to you on social media since that is the only way you are choosing to reach out to us,” they stated. “We would like to handle this in email because we do not think it’s professional.”

Of course, other fans have since come forward about Portwood’s bad business practices. In particular, fans criticized the reality star for buying clothes at different websites and selling them for quadruple the amount.

For her part, Portwood had denied all the allegations. “This isn’t true and is also illegal. If you keeping making these comments I’m taking legal action,” she wrote on social media.

To make matters worse, Blasting News is reporting that Portwood’s old landlord is suing the reality star for unpaid rent and property damage. The landlord is seeking over $6,000 in damages and claims that Portwood destroyed the home when she moved out. This includes damage from Portwood’s pets.


That being said, a neighbor has since come forward and revealed that Portwood and her boyfriend, Matt Baier, were always quiet. “I watched the show before, and I knew her, but when she first moved in we didn’t know who she was,” the neighbor shared. “She wasn’t loud or nothing like that.”

While Portwood battles the negative press, MTV is reporting that the Teen Mom OG star just dyed her hair pink. Portwood announced the big change with a few photos on Instagram.

“I am pink now… And I love it,” Portwood wrote alongside one pic.

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[Featured Image by Rich Polk/Getty Images]