Kurt Angle Thinks Social Media Helped Get Him In The WWE Hall Of Fame

Last month, WWE announced that Kurt Angle will headline this year’s Hall of Fame induction ceremony in Orlando, Florida. It was an announcement that nobody saw coming, but it was clearly something that pro wrestling fans wanted to see.

Vince McMahon has had qualms with bringing Angle back to the company ever since he left in the summer of 2006, and for a short period of time, it looked like our Olympic Hero wasn’t interested in returning to WWE, as he was a big part of their chief competitor, TNA/Impact Wrestling. But, TNA didn’t end up getting as big as many had hoped it would, and in January of last year, Angle left the company.

In the past, Angle’s addiction issues prevented him from returning to WWE. But, in recent years, the former WWE and TNA Champion has cleaned up his life, which is one of the biggest reasons why Vince McMahon decided to bring him back to the company via the Hall of Fame.

WWE Rumors: Kurt Angle Expected To Return To Ring For WWE

Angle cleaning up his life was probably the biggest factor in WWE deciding to bring him back for the Hall of Fame, but, in a recent interview with Forbes, our Olympic Hero said that he thinks that social media played a big part in WWE deciding to make him the headliner for this year’s Hall of Fame class.

“I believe that social media has made it much easier for the fans to semi-control what’s going on. When somebody’s in high demand, after a while, WWE can’t ignore it. Daniel Bryan is a great example. So, I think that social media has given the fans a bigger voice and it’s gotten to the point where companies can’t ignore it anymore. If you’re hot, you’re hot. I believe maybe social media maybe had a little bit to do with me being able to come back to be inducted in the Hall of Fame. A lot of fans want to see Kurt Angle, one last run in the WWE and it’s become so consistent, it’s crazy and I’m actually in shock at how much support I get on social media.”

Now that we know that Angle is going into this year’s Hall of Fame, there are two questions that haven’t yet been answered, the first of which is, who will indict him? During an interview with ESPN, Angle said that he would like Stone Cold Steve Austin to induct him. However, wrestling fans have suggested other names like Brock Lesnar, John Cena, and The World’s Greatest Tag Team [Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas].

The second question is, will Angle wrestle for WWE again? We know that he’s still physically capable of having a match. In fact, he just recently had a one on one match with Alberto El Patron, who is better known by his WWE name, Alberto Del Rio. But, will we see him have another match in a WWE ring? Well, the answer to that question depends on whether or not he can pass a physical exam. If he can, he’ll wrestle again.

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Angle, who just turned 48, does want to have at least one more match in WWE. He also has a ton of guys that he wants to face, as he’s named Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Brock Lesnar, AJ Styles, and Samoa Joe as possible opponents for his return to the ring.

For now, though, all we know is that Angle will headline this year’s WWE Hall of Fame class on the Friday night before WrestleMania 33. So, let’s just enjoy that, and worry about whether or not he’ll wrestle again after he gets inducted.

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