Giant UFO Nearly Collides With Sky-Climbing Fighter Jet At Airshow [Video]

Horrified onlookers gazed skyward at an air show in Chile recently as what appeared to be a giant Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) streaked across the sky and seemed to nearly collide with a fighter jet participating in aerial maneuvers.

The Daily Star reported this week that while an aerobatics jet squad called Halcone Fach performed at an airshow last week in Puerto Varas, a large UFO was observed shooting across the sky, just missing one of the jets, which had begun a perpendicular (the ground) ascent up the sky. The UFO — described as a “high disk” — passed just beneath the climbing plane, seemingly passing through air that had seconds before been occupied by the jet itself. Although the Daily Star sensationally claimed that the object appeared to “narrowly graze it,” a closer look indicates that the giant white UFO flew past with some distance between it and the sky-climbing jet fighter.

And it was all caught on film — and uploaded to YouTube. The original video clip was taken by Davisito de Zabedrovsky and has garnered over 13,000 views to date — in less than 48 hours.

Local media reported that “numerous” witnesses came forward to say they had seen “numerous unidentified objects near the planes during the demonstration.”

Of course, not everyone believes the large white object is a UFO. Some have speculated it to be a meteor or possibly an air force jet flying past in a near-miss incident (or perhaps even another plane unattached to the aerobatics team accidentally invading the squad’s airspace). The Mirror noted that there was even speculation that the UFO was a bird. Commentary with the YouTube video also indicates that some believe the UFO video to not be authentic — “muy fake” in the Spanish of one commenter.

Another commented beneath the video, “I actually think there are two UFOs if you look carefully.” (With no further clarification, it is unclear as to where the viewer believes a second object was detected.)

The new footage is as yet unconfirmed as authentic, so whether or not the giant white UFO sliding diagonally down the sky in the video clip is an actual unidentified flying object or something else (reflection on the lens of the camera, a technical glitch, or some natural or man-made object flying through) will be determined later.

UFO among clouds
Witnesses say they saw several UFOs at the airshow. [Image by M. Cornelius/Shutterstock]

According to a report last year in the Inquisitr, the Chilean Navy made the entire world take notice when it, along with the Chilean government, released a UFO video and files admitting that, after an extensive two-year investigation into a sighting that was caught on infra-red video by a Chilean Navy helicopter, the object detected was a UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon), another way of designating a UFO.

The Navy had even secured the assistance of French video experts to attempt to determine what sort of craft had been picked up on the infra-red cameras. (According to the official report, the two servicemen in the helicopter never got a line-of-sight confirmation on the object, nor was it detected by ground radar from nearby installations, and the only way it was “seen” was on the helicopter’s video feed as it attempted to follow the object.) Although the French team believed the dark object in the video to be some sort of jet plane, they were unable to state their findings with total certainty. On that note and the government concluding that no commercial craft were in the air in that area at the time of the incident, the Chilean government closed the case and signed off on the object as a UAP.

No ufo empty radar screen
The Chilean Navy and government declared an object a UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon), a.k.a. UFO, after a two-year investigation and evidence showing that what was detected in infra-red by a military helicopter did not show up on ground radar. [Image by argus/Shutterstock]

The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), the world’s largest UFO reporting organization, uses a handy disclaimer when investigating and publicly displaying witness and video reports: “Please remember that most UFO sightings can be explained as something natural or man-made.”

[Featured Image by MyImages – Micha/Shutterstock]