Traci Wolfe: 'Snapped' Airing Thanksgiving Murder Of Ohio Husband, Blake Wolfe

Traciy Reyes

The Thanksgiving Day murder of Ohio resident Blake Alan Wolfe will air on Oxygen Channel's Snapped tonight. Authorities revealed that Blake Wolfe was murdered by his estranged wife, Traci Wolfe, and another man, Thomas Walters. The Snapped episode will recount the details leading up to Blake Wolfe's untimely death. Offering commentary will be law enforcement investigators, journalist Dave O'Brien with the Record-Courier, family friend Danielle Mclillin, and Dianne Roman, the victim's mother.

On Snapped, viewers will hear about Traci Wolfe's rough childhood and the impact that may have had on the rest of her entire life. People who knew Traci say that she survived a couple of family tragedies including the suicide deaths of her son and her brother.

Though life hadn't been kind to Traci Wolfe, it looked like she was going to get a second chance at happiness after she met Blake Wolfe, a seemingly happy welder and mechanic who loved his family and race cars. A real man's man, Blake Wolfe could fix anything, and it was something that made his children very proud, according to his obituary.

37-year-old Blake Wolfe was found dead in his bed on Thanksgiving day in 2012. His blood-soaked bed and pillows gave no indication as to how he had died. At first, police suspected that it might be a suicide. An autopsy report would later conclude that it was murder.

Police were directed to his current wife, Traci Wolfe. Family members told police that they were in the middle of divorcing. Windham detectives also learned that officers had been sent out to their West Center Street home several times for domestic problems.

The couple was only married for about two years.

Investigators also learned that Blake Wolfe was afraid of Traci. He always knew that she was capable of doing something terrible, judging by her past behavior. James Roth told confirmed this fact to Fox8-Cleveland.

"'Yeah, he was afraid of (Traci),' Roth said Friday afternoon as he stood in front of the home where Wolfe lived for the past six years. He'd even bolt the garage doors. She would come late at night when she knew I was asleep. She would come and pound on all the doors."

"Traci Y. Wolfe, 40, of 10540 Oak St., Paris, and Thomas W. Walters, 43, of 3153 Polly Road, Shalersville, were indicted Nov. 29 by a Portage County grand jury on seven felony charges each. They include two counts each of aggravated murder, all unclassified felonies; two counts each of aggravated burglary and aggravated robbery, all first-degree felonies, and one count each of tampering with evidence, both third-degree felonies. One of the aggravated murder charges alleges that Walters and Traci Wolfe murdered her estranged husband, Blake A. Wolfe, 37, 'purposely, with prior calculation and design,' inside his house at 9302 E. Center St. in Windham on Nov. 22."

Windham, Ohio, is a village located in Portage County. It's a small rural town with less than 3,000 residents.

Watch Snapped tonight at 6 p.m. on Oxygen. In case you missed it, last week's Snapped was based on Teresa Kotomski.