David Cassidy ‘Drunk Disaster Show’ Was Chaotic: Is Cassidy Finished?

David Cassidy’s health hasn’t been the best lately, and his Sunday, February 19 show in Santa Barbara was slated to be his “final concert ever due to health reasons.” According to TMZ, David Cassidy told his audience the night before at his disturbingly “chaotic” Saturday night show that he was finished with performing and wouldn’t be giving any more concerts.

“This is the thing I love to do the most, but I just got to a point that my body, after 49 years, was beat up by working and traveling and touring from all over the world.”

TMW reports that after years of struggle with alcoholism, the former 'The Partridge Family' heartthrob appeared drunk on stage at a concert.
David Cassidy during his ‘The Partridge Family’ teen idol years. [Image by Ellidge/Express/Getty Images]

At the beginning of the month, the Chicago Tribune reported that Cassidy planned to retire at the end of 2017. David, 66, said at the time that his arthritis, a disease which can be serious enough to make performance impossible, has just gotten to be too much to handle on long tours. He pinpointed the February concerts in California as his last ever west coast shows.

“Traveling and my arthritis has certainly made these cross country shows much more difficult for me now…”I just can’t tour anymore. I know it’s time.”

After hearing from disappointed fans, Cassidy reassured his fans in a post on his website, davidcassidy.com, that he would continue to do some shows in other parts of the United States.

“But I will still do a number of concerts this Year in 2017!”

On February 7, Cassidy changed the message slightly, and it sounded as if he would carry on singing for west coast fans as well as those closer to his Florida home.

“I’m going to play live, everywhere around North America, through 2017.”

Now, everyone is wondering what’s really going on. At his Saturday concert in Agura, California, Cassidy appeared to be struggling with something that wasn’t arthritis.

It’s no secret that the former teen idol has been in and out of rehab in an effort to control his alcoholism. David has several arrests for driving under the influence over many years, with incidents in 2010, 2013 and 2014.

As TMZ reports, David Cassidy's struggles with alcoholism and addiction are well known.
David Cassidy is seen in a police booking photo after his arrest for drunk driving. [Image by Schodack Police Department via Getty Images]

TMZ writes that Cassidy might have “fallen off the wagon” again if his behavior at the show was anything to go by.

According to TMZ, Cassidy appeared to be “incredibly intoxicated throughout the show” and at one point actually fell “hard” after stumbling over a monitor.

The New York Daily News reports that David Cassidy “fell off stage during a chaotic concert.” The “Daydreamer” singer had to take “several long pauses during his songs” to regroup as he appeared to be trying to remember the words, and the whole performance was “uneven.”

One Twitter user who was in the audience posted a video clip of Cassidy and commented, “David Cassidy was horrible tonight. No mercy to this drunk disaster show.”

Another Cassidy fan said he was probably drunk, but tweeted some sympathy for his struggles with addiction and pointed out that David’s “sad father” was also an alcoholic.


For one audience member, the drunken Cassidy performance was just sad.

David Cassidy has lived “one long, incredible journey” since his revelation at 3-years-old that he wanted to be an actor and singer. The Independent writes that his role as Keith Partridge in The Partridge Family “vaulted him to then-unprecedented levels of teen adoration” and established Cassidy’s net worth for the rest of his life.

What do you think? Was David Cassidy drunk at the concert? Will Cassidy continue to perform, or is this really the end for the former teen idol?

[Featured Image by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for IEBA]