‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 80 Spoilers: Gohan Goes Blind, Achieves Ultimate

According to the latest Dragon Ball Super Episode 80 spoilers, Gohan will finally show off his skills against a Universe 9 warrior, but not everything will go smoothly. Will he win this battle despite a huge handicap?

Warning: Dragon Ball Super spoilers beyond this point.

In the latest Dragon Ball Super episode, Buu has won the fight for Universe 7 against Universe 9’s Kicker Basil. Gohan has volunteered to go next, which means fans will see him battle the bloodthirsty Lavenda. The Omni-Kings have high expectations for Goku’s son, but he will not meet them easily.

ComicBook cites Todd Blankenship for the following translations of the Dragon Ball Super Episode 80 preview in the latest issue of Weekly Shonen Jump.

“Universe 7 is pumped after their victory in the first round! Moving on to the second round, Gohan is up against the Universe 9 warrior Lavenda. Blinded by Lavenda’s poison, Gohan cannot read Lavenda’s Ki and seems to be in for a tough fight!!”

Because of the Universe 7’s win, the ruthless Lavenda will resort to cheating. He will spray the poison mist directly into Gohan’s eyes, which is not really surprising for the one who’s known for fighting unfairly.

It’s unknown how far into battle Gohan will be blinded by his opponent, but it seems that being blind would effectively render him powerless. Any upper hand he will gain beforehand will be wasted, but not if he can use the impairment to his advantage.

“The second-oldest brother in Trio the Dangers, he’s also known as ‘Venomous Lavenda.’ Gohan heads into battle as the contestant for Universe 7! After getting into a tight spot, what is his counterattack?!”

Being unable to read his opponent’s ki, Gohan will have to think hard and fast on how to battle without his eyesight. Will Dragon Ball Super Episode 80 reveal how the saiyan overcomes his handicap?

“Gohan throws himself into battle for the first time in a long while. Goku observes his son’s battle! Goku declares Gohan’s pinch to instead be an opportunity…?!”

While Dragon Ball Super Episode 80 will see Gohan on a seemingly losing side, Goku will see otherwise. The magazine claims that he will remain “unperturbed” by his son’s predicament, and he will actually see it as an advantage. Is he thinking of something or is it just blind trust for his son?

Well, it seems like being blind will allow Gohan to achieve his ultimate form after unlocking his dormant power, according to the translation of a Super Scoop by Blankenship. However, will this be enough to defeat Lavenda?

According to some speculations, he will be defeated, forcing a third round between Universe 7 and 9. The last member of the Trio the Dangers, Bergamo, will reportedly take over, and Goku will be the one to fight him.

In the video below, YouTuber The Fan Guy spotted that Goku is fighting Bergamo in the new Dragon Ball Super opening sequence – a likely indicator that this fight is happening right after Gohan’s. For this to be true, the saiyan prodigy will have to be defeated despite after awakening his dormant power.

Another possibility is that the scene is hinting to a different round that takes place much later – perhaps, in a final battle or in an against-the-rules match. After all, it’s evident that the Omni-Kings can do whatever they want and rules don’t matter that much. All that actually matters is that they are entertained.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 80 titled “Awaken Your Sleeping Battle Spirit! Son Gohan’s Fight!!” airs on February 26.

[Featured Image by Toei Animation/Twitter]