'Sickening' Child Abuse On CCTV: Man Hits Toddler 62 Times For Charger Theft

Police in Houston, Texas arrested a man for child abuse after witnesses saw him brutally beating a toddler with a belt in public. A closed circuit camera nearby captured Kordarell Williams striking a 7-year-old boy 62 times with a belt, allegedly, because the child stole a cell phone charger.

Warning: Some may find the footage above disturbing to watch.

Click2Houston said the incident took place over five grueling minutes near Acres Homes in the northwest part of the city. Constable Alan Rosen works with the Harris County Precinct 1 Constable's Office. He shared a statement about the tormenting child abuse as told by an unnamed witness.

"He saw a vehicle pull up at one of our illegal dumping sites and saw a man get out of a car and take a young child out of the car and proceed to just beat him senselessly."
Williams, 27, the alleged boyfriend of the child's mother, is seen parking his vehicle along a roadway at James Franklin Street and Esther about 5:00 p.m. on Thursday. He is seen using his hands and a belt to strike the 7-year-old child repeatedly as the boy grimaces in pain, Rosen added.
"He struck this child 62 times, put him in a headlock and knocked him over on numerous occasions with the blows."
The Daily Mail calls the child abuser's actions "sickening." Investigators were called to the scene and managed to obtain a recording of the crime from a nearby surveillance camera.

Next, officers used the vehicle's tag number to trace it back to an owner and address nearby. Within three hours, police arrested Williams after an investigation. A county prosecutor said the man made his first court appearance on the matter.

"They observed the complainant to have bruising on both eyes and a swollen right eye, welts on his buttocks, legs, and welts on his chest and bruising on his neck."
A study last year suggested that spanking children isn't effective and often has unintended results.
The horrific child abuse caught on tape comes on the heels of a UK study that drew a correlation between victims of child abuse and their future health outlook. The findings are reportedly statistically significant, according to the BBC News report, which said child abuse negatively impacts a person's well-being decades after the trauma.

Dr. Snehal Pinto Pereira works with the UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health. Pinto Pereira said a group of researchers charted the lives of over 8,000 people born in the year 1958 who reported histories of child abuse.

The University College London team of experts collected data over a span of time and concluded that children who are abused stood a 70 percent chance at having chronic and debilitating health conditions. Moreover, the data revealed other salient themes about the victims: child abuse victims are likely to have worse outcomes in treatment and are less likely to be homeowners.

Researchers compared the living conditions and life experiences of people who suffered from early abuse with those who didn't. The study showed that those who reported abusive and neglectful upbringings had worse socio-economic experiences over the course of their lives.

Educational outcomes were far worse for child abuse victims; they fared worse in basic math and English courses and faced higher percentages of unemployment, as Dr. Pinto Pereira explained.

"Our findings suggest that maltreated children grow up to face socio-economic disadvantage. This is important because such disadvantage could in turn influence the health of individuals affected and also that of their children. As well as highlighting the importance of prevention of maltreatment in childhood, our research identified poor reading and mathematics skills as a likely connecting factor from child neglect to poor adult outcomes. This suggests that action is needed to improve and support these abilities in neglected children."
Police say Williams confessed to hitting the boy for stealing the mobile phone charger. However, he said there were only 16 strikes to the boy's body. Reportedly, the child said his mom's boyfriend beat him in the past.

Police say the child abuse suspect remains in custody on a $30,000 bond. Meanwhile, the victim is in child protective services custody.

[Featured Image by the Houston Police Department via Daily Mail]