Jessica Chastain Admits She’s Shy Around Guys, Has These Crazy Standards

Ever wondered what it would take to win the gorgeous Jessica Chastain’s heart? The actress recently admitted that she’s a bit hard to get, primarily because she’s shy around guys and has these crazy things called expectations.

The beautiful actress admits she’s a fan of the chase in an interview with Marie Claire for the December issue. The 35-year-old Tree of Life and Lawless actress opens up about single celebrity life and why she hasn’t met that special guy yet.

For the magazine, Chastain recalls something a friend once told her:

“‘Now that you’re successful, you have to be more overt with men. You have to make it very clear that you’re interested, otherwise they won’t [approach you].'” But therein lies the problem for Chastain. “I like to be wooed,” she explains, “but I’ve had to be more outwardly available, I guess.”

Chastain also says that her focus on her career has made it difficult to mingle.

“I never wanted to be a movie star. I wanted to be an actor. I don’t really drink, and I’ve never been to a rave,” she recalls of her studies at Julliard. “I used to cut school to read Shakespeare, not to make out in the park.”

Still, the interview reveals Chastain is a very down-to-earth California girl.

“I used to have a lot of anxiety about how I was going to stay afloat, because as soon as I graduated, I never asked my parents for money. I always supported myself through acting and would make money last a long time. I understand the value of money, and I’m not an impulsive buyer. I bought a new laptop three years ago, and before I bought it, I spent a month thinking about buying it,” she says. “So my lifestyle hasn’t changed, except my anxiety about paying the rent is gone.”

Jessica Chastain will be seen next in Kathryn Bigelow’s film Zero Dark Thirty. What say you, male readers? Think you have a shot?