OJ Simpson Slapped With $300,000 Bill From The Tax Man

Dusten Carlson

Mo' money, mo' problems, am I right? Though OJ Simpson is currently behind bars in Nevada for theft, his finances on the outside have taken hit after hit lately, with another $300,000 tax lien placed on him from the state of California.

TMZ originally reported that Juice failed to pay more than $300,000 in taxes to the Golden State from the year 2000, according to official documents obtained by the gossip site. The State of California Franchise Tax Board reportedly filed the documents saying that Simpson owed the state $318,566.06 in unpaid taxes from 12 years ago.

This new tax lien is just the latest in a string of financial woes plaguing OJ's estate lately. He's currently behind bars in Nevada on a theft charge, and is reportedly just shy of $180,000 in the hole with federal taxes from between 2007 and 2010. He also still owes millions to the families of ex-wife Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman after being found guilty of causing their deaths in civil court, reports the New York Post.

Recent estimates have places Simpson's net worth at $750,000. If that figure is accurate, he should be able to cover his $180,000 and $300,000 tax bills, but he's still stuck with payouts relating to the death of his ex-wife.

OJ is currently serving a minimum of nine years without parole. In a spot of good news, a Nevada judge recently decided to reopen the armed robbery and kidnapping case to determine whether or not Simpson should be freed from prison or whether he qualifies for another trial.

Of course, there's still the $300,000 tax bill. What do you think of OJ Simpson?