WWE Champion Bray Wyatt Due For Face Turn, Says WWE Hall Of Famer

Lorenzo Tanos

Is it time for new WWE Champion Bray Wyatt to make a face turn? It's an interesting idea if you consider that the "Eater of Worlds" has never been a heroic character since he made his main roster debut in 2013 alongside the rest of his Wyatt Family stable. But some believe that it's about time WWE's creative team turns him into a good guy, and one of the people who feel this way is legendary announcer and WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross.

If you also consider the one year or so he spent using the ring name Husky Harris, the wrestler known as Windham Rotunda in real life has never been a babyface in about five combined years in the WWE. But that may be because the Bray Wyatt character has been one of the company's more unique gimmicks in an era where most wrestlers are fairly realistic, albeit amped-up versions of their real selves, with a few tweaks here or there depending on alignment. His role is that of a creepy cult leader who cuts weird and cryptic promos almost as often as he wrestles, while having a Svengali-like hold over his followers.

Nonetheless, there comes a point in many a wrestler's career where they need to turn from bad guy to good guy or vice versa to keep their character fresh, and Bray Wyatt has never had a face turn in his main roster tenure. Currently, the dynamic between WWE Champion Wyatt and sole remaining follower/Royal Rumble 2017 winner Randy Orton has helped freshen things up, but as WWE Hall of Fame announcer Jim Ross sees it, Bray has the makings of a solid babyface character.

"Wyatt is a significant, character babyface in the making IMO and the fans at the live events in the arenas seem to agree. The entertaining and memorable Fire Fly entrance is pure 'face and let's not forget that Wyatt's grandfather, Blackjack Mulligan was one of the great character 'faces of all time as was Bray's mentor Dusty Rhodes."
"Bray has worked hard on his in ring game, promos, and his physique and conditioning which is admirable. He hasn't been afraid to try new material and he doesn't have the same match every outing on TV as many of his peers often times do."

Jim Ross, however, is not the only person in recent times to posit that Bray Wyatt needs a face turn. Last year, the Wyatt Family seemed to be teasing a babyface run right after WrestleMania 32, and while any plans for a turn were scrapped when Bray got injured soon after, Forbes wrote that Wyatt would be an ideal good guy for today's modern wrestling fan.

"Wrestling fans don't want the prototypical, white-meat babyfaces any longer; the people want a character with depth and a storyline they can get behind … With the proper storytelling, Wyatt could become the ultimate anti-hero."

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